38GPM / 36” x 52′ x 1600PSI Amine Plant CJV1904

38GPM / 36” x 52′ x 1600PSI Amine Plant CJV1904

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Equipment Overview

This unit was removed from .62ppm sour service in 2016 and was moved to Red Deer.  It is rare for the market based on it’s 36” contactor size and 900# pressure rating.  Obviously, it will need to be reconditioned prior to redeployment and this is an excellent candidate for it. Why? For one, it’s located in a competitive and plentiful market for all reconditioning services (Red Deer) and secondly, it’s because this package is so clean for its age. There is no “smell” that comes with old sour equipment, the UT’s all check out, and it was flushed and steamed thoroughly before being moved off site.

We have assembled a complete refurbishment plan which is available upon request. Initial estimates target 40% of NEW cost AFTER acquisition and reconditioning is complete. You will save over $1 million dollars. Take “as is” or have us complete the project for you!

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Additional information


ALCO 1996


Red Deer, AB



Amine Contactor

36”ID x 52’ S/S x 1610PSIG @ -20/150oF / 20 Stainless Steel Valve Trays

Amine Flash Tank

36” ID x 8’ S/S x 150PSI

Amine Charge Pumps

Two (2) Union TD-60 Triplex Pumps w/ 50HP / XP Electric Motors / Configured for 34USGPM @ 1600psig

Amine Booster Pumps

Two (2) Union VCM 1.5 x 2 x 9 / 42GPM @ 26PSI / 100% Backup

Lean Amine Cooler

0.775 MMBTU/Hr @ 150psig

Sweet Gas Cooler

1.1MMBTU/Hr c/w 30HP Electric Motor @ 1610PSI

Amine Reflux Condenser

2.1MMBTU/Hr @ 50PSI

Amine Reboiler

84” ID x 30’ S/S / 20” OD Firetubes c/w 25’ High Stacks / 2 x 2.0MMBTU/Hr Flame Arrested Burners

Amine / Amine Exchanger

Alva Lava Plate/Frame Stainless @ 1.15MMBTU/Hr

H2S Analyzer

24V Class 1 Div 2


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