Two (x2) 2500 kW / 2 MW Allison Natural Gas Turbine Generator Packages CJV1926

Two (x2) 2500 kW / 2 MW Allison Natural Gas Turbine Generator Packages CJV1926

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Equipment Overview

Sitting in Central AB, these two 2.5 MW / 2500 kW Allison gas turbine generator packages are each capable of producing 2.5 MW of power.  The system comes with grid connect equipment, as well as a thermal oil heat recovery system.

In 2018, both of these units (including turbines, gearboxes, and generators) were overhauled. Since that time, there has only been ~2000 hours on these units.  These were part of a larger overall gas plant and between electrical prices, gas prices, and not requiring the hot oil on site any longer, they were only run for 3-5 days per month since the overhaul.

These packages are extremely clean and are priced to sell.

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2500 kW / 2.5 MW Natural Gas Turbine

2500 kW / 2.5 MW Gearbox & Generator

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Additional information


Used ~2000 hours since full overhaul in 2018


Gridlink 2001


Central, Alberta

Status / Availability



Allison 501-K Gas Turbines. Approximately 2000 hrs since overhaul.


KATO 3000KW @ 1800 RPM – 2400/4160V, 3PH/60Hz/520A, brushless, continuous duty


Western; 2850HP Rating; Operated at 2500 kW. Overhauled in July 2018 (both)

Control Panel

Tarco Motiv Panel is mounted in “on skid” MCC room c/w heater, distribution panel & UPS


Heat recovery, hot oil system operating @ 300ºC

Of Note

Both generators run separately to an MCC building with full grid tie-in transformers.


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