A creative approach to business.

Joint ventures as a concept.

When we changed our name from Crusader Energy Services to Crusader Joint Ventures, it wasn’t rebranding for rebranding’s sake. While we use joint venture agreements in our business, we more importantly appreciate the concept of joint ventures: that strong & flexible partnerships create successful ventures.

It’s in our DNA.

This certain way of doing things was a part of the origin of our business, when son and father, Kameron Anderson a marketing savvy broker and Lourne Anderson a seasoned pumps & fluid handling expert, saw an opportunity to operate leanly and with agility together in the pump systems space. This creative approach has continued in our commitment to raising the bar on oilfield surplus equipment’s quality through rich information, refurbishments and improvements. By partnering with trusted vendors, subject matter experts and joint venture partners who contribute capital & resources, we increase the marketability of equipment and lower risk for oil & gas production companies.

Connecting equipment, with people.

We understand that in an industry that is often disconnected and where there are barriers in relationships – people are bridges. While equipment information is growing in quality, quantity and accessibility through technology, oilfield equipment brokers still play an important role in connecting assets to the market. We believe the future belongs to the pairing of imaginative people and the tools & tech to support them. These partnerships form healthier networks and stronger marketplace.

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Together, we figure things out.

Often our projects and deals with customers do not always a one-size-fits-all template, so we put trust in our their’s and our group’s imagination to create successful outcomes in sometimes unconventional ways. While these partnerships have been diverse, there are shared elements between them all – care, ease and freedom. We work toward creating outcomes that everyone truly cares for, ease in the process and having the freedom to imagine ways of doing things. You can learn more about these values by reading Principles That Move Us.

Open for ventures.

We believe that in an ever changing global and industry landscape, partnerships built around these ideals can better adapt with the times. We’re always open to discuss opportunities around: equipment, projects, working relationships, network subject matter expertise, technology, business opportunities and more. Connect with us today.