86.5 MW GE (General Electric) 7EA Frame Natural Gas Turbine Generator Package CJV-1839

86.5 MW GE (General Electric) 7EA Frame Natural Gas Turbine Generator Package CJV-1839

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Equipment Overview

The 122,000 hp natural gas powered main turbine and 86.5 MW generator package is located in heated storage under a preventative maintenance program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The rest of the 86.5 MW generator’s components are located a couple of hours away in a storage yard. We have been to the storage yard and opened up all the crates & boxes to verify the components and supporting gear. All QA and drawings and data are available upon request. For an application of this 86.5 MW size, you’ll certainly will want to involve General Electric (GE) to confirm gas composition and general site conditions to ensure suitability. There is an identical 86.5 MW generator up & running a few hours from Edmonton and is available to go see.

The fact this 86.5 MW generator set is already manufactured and is surplus in brand new condition – the cost and project lead-time savings are truly HUGE to the select customer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this never-used 86.5 MW GE (General Electric) Natural Gas Turbine Generator Package that’s available for immediate sale.


The package comprises the following major components along with all GE scope of supply and auxiliaries:

  • Frame 7EA Gas Turbine model PG7001EA (7E.03)
  • Dry Low NOx (for DLN 1.0 Combustion System*)
  • Natural gas single fuel supply
  • Design Site Output/Heat Rate 84.6MW at 1916 ft and 32°F; 91MW at 0 ft and 32°F
  • Includes GE PIP package (minus Stg 3 Aero), 2055°F firing temp
  • Inlet/Exhaust: Pressure drop: 3.5/5.5 inches of H2O
  • Hours: factory test fire only, i.e. New
  • Control System: MKVIe Speedtronic TMR
  • Generator: GE/Andritz
  • Frame: BDAX (Brushless)
  • Excitation: GE EX2100
  • Frequency/Power Factor: 60 Hz/0.85 pf
  • Rated Output: 101.8 MVA
  • Cooling: Air-cooled
  • Designed for the Canadian Market
  • Stored in accordance with GE’s storage/preservation requirements
  • Other Auxiliary Equipment Available:
  • Air Cooled Glycol Heat Exchangers c/w VFD’s, Filters, Glycol Pumps, GSU Transformer, Glycol Expansion Vessel, 52G synchronizing breaker compartment included @ 13.8KV incl. all protection relays etc. – Terminal Voltage: 13.8Kv (2 pole, 3-phase, Wye conn.)

*Combustion system not included or installed – quotation for the missing combustor components being supplied & installed is available upon request. Also, the once partially complete HRSG is no longer optionally available.

Additional information


New Never Used


General Electric 2014


Edmonton, Alberta

Status / Availability

Disconnected / Immediate

Generator Info

Model: GE 7A6 / Serial: 436X273 / Capacity: 86.5MW / Hertz: 60 Hz

Driver Info

Model: GE 7E.03 / Max HP: 122,00HP / Rated RPM: 3600RPM


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