800HP 22% Sour Electric Reciprocating Compressor Dresser-Rand Super Cub OF6XH CJV1925

800HP 22% Sour Electric Reciprocating Compressor Dresser-Rand Super Cub OF6XH CJV1925

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Equipment Overview

Originally built by Enerflex in 1992, this sour package was brought to Select Compression in 2014 for a full retrofit. The package’s Dresser-Rand Super Cub was zero-houred, much of the process pipe was replaced, new vessels & bottles were built, and a brand new cooler was purchased. The new home that it was originally slated for could not meet the 4000 volt power requirement of the current installed electric motor, so a new 700HP 480 volt motor was also acquired. That motor has not been installed, however it is inside the package and is included. While 700HP does restrict the capabilities of this compressor one bit, it can still bash a lot of 22% sour gas up to about 400-450psi. Other upgrades completed thus far are the replacement of all control valves with new Fisher products, as well as a new Rem-Vue PLC. While there is quite a bit to do to get this unit field ready (instrumentation, electrical, misc. process pipe installation), the price is reflective of the work that needs to be done for re-deployment.

Best of all, it is conveniently located at a shop that’s ready to complete the retrofit! Contact us if you’d like to discuss the opportunity of this great compressor package.

Sample Performance

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Suction Pressure: 40psi > Discharge Pressure: 400psi > 141 10³M³ @ 700 HP

Suction Pressure: 50psi > Discharge Pressure: 550psi > 157 10³M³ @ 800 HP

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Additional information


Modernization/Retrofit, Incomplete


Enerflex 1992/ Select Compression 2014


Calgary, AB



Status / Availability





800 HP, 4000 Volt 3 phase and a shipped loose 700HP 480 Volt 3 phase.


Dresser-Rand Super Cub, OF6XH2, 2 stage

Cylinders & MAWP

16.500” @ 275 psi. & 11.250” @ 675 psi.

Package MAWP

645 psi.

Control Panel

Rem-Vue 500

Cooler Manufacturer

AXH Air-Coolers, m/n: 108AEF

Additional Notes

Rated up to 22% sour


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