10 Well Header Package c/w 30″ x 10′ x 1355psi Separator CJV1924

10 Well Header Package c/w 30″ x 10′ x 1355psi Separator CJV1924

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Equipment Overview

Presently sitting 5’ off the ground, in Crossfield, amongst the mass of tanks seen from the west side of Hwy 2, is this beauty. A 10 Well header package with a 30” separator: dual 10” group lines; Cameron valves; full sour. It’s simple and is a premium build-out. If it fits your application, buy it! Once you know the price, you’ll know why I say that. Nexen awarded this job to a PO amount of around $600,000. After the project was canceled 4 years later, it was purchased from Nexen at a blowout price and is now owned by a wholesaler. Price on this? Well, thanks for asking – a mere 15% of the original PO cost! Or $95,000. Check out the next few pages to see the details and be sure to grab the drawings off of our website if it’s not already attached to this document.

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Additional information


New / Never Used


Manufactured by Bromley, 2014 – Full “As Built” Drawings & QA


Calgary, AB



Status / Availability

Disconnected, Ships Immediately


Sour Service

Piping Connections

Complete package is rated for 600#
Qty 10 x 4” Test Lines
Qty 2 x 10” Group Lines (main and spare)
Vessel: 6” Inlet/Outlet, 4” Liquid Out, 2” Drains, 2” PSV, 2” Vessel Truckout

Shipping Dimensions

12’3” W x 50’ L x 15’ H; 80,000lbs

Building Notes

Instrumentation, gaskets, heaters, exhaust fans as per PID are in the crates. Highlights: Jupiter JM4 level transmitter w/ Magentrol Orion Atlas magnetic level, Rosemount PIT’s, Rosemount TT’s, , 2 x 2 turbine flow meter. Electrical, instrumentation install and tubing, as well as the meter runs are additional cost to you. First class and neutral colored building, Insulated Skid with lifting lugs.


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