Negative Suction Pressure 95HP Screw Compressors LeRoi HG24118 & CAT G3304NA CJV-U240

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Equipment Overview

In addition to the uniqueness of these compressors’ design, they also have a lot of additional options such as:

  • Air Start System for Engine
  • Removable inlet coalescer filters
  • Discharge to suction bypass system
  • Integral waste oil tanks
  • Extremely low noise package (low-speed cooler, attenuated building)

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Video Walkthrough

Watch Kameron give a personally nostalgic backstory of this great and unique 95HP vacuum (as low as negative 8 psi) Caterpillar compressor packages.


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Performance Values

Here are the performance values for a Leroi HG24 95HP Rotary Screw Compressor with 1.179 Gear Ratio operating with the following parameters:

  • Ratio of Specific Heats: 1.26
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 12.2
  • Suction Pressure Drop: 0.5
  • Inlet Temp: 35
  • Discharge Temperature: 180
  • Input Speed 1800 RPM
  • Can Not Exceed 83 HP

Leroi HG24 Rotary Screw Compressor Performance Values

Additional information


New / Never Used


100psi discharge, 0.5 MMCF per day and as low as negative 8 psi suction

Units Available


Status / Availability

Disconnected / Immediately


L.O.P. 2006

Driven / Compressor

LeRoi Compressor Model:HG24118 Serial #:SC-2422


Caterpillar / Model:G3304NA / Type:Natural Gas / Max HP:95 hp / Rated RPM:1800 RPM


Air-X Model:48VI


West Central, Alberta


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