150HP Weatherford Jet Pump Packages CJV 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934

150HP Weatherford Jet Pump Packages CJV 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934

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Equipment Overview

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Five identical pump packages – 2 are NEW/never used and the other three all had approximately 2 years total run time each.  They utilize a Weatherford W165H Triplex pump driven by a NORD gearbox and 150HP electric motor.  On the one end of the skid, there is a 160HP VFD in a separate room from the pump.  Designed for easy transport there are also optional 60” x 10’ separator buildings (image shown below) that were designed to work in conjunction with these and can be purchased in conjunction if required for your application.

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Virtual Tour

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Pump Performance

Pump performance curve – Weatherford W165 Pump with H fluid end

Main Pump, Motor & Equipment

Triplex Pumps

  • Weatherford W165H Triplex Pump
  • Aluminum bronze fluid end
  • 1.625” Tungsten carbide plungers
  • Maximum Continuous RPM Rating:  400RPM
  • Rated for 167HP Continuous Duty​
  • 3 Feed Lubricators w/ Oil Reservoir
  • Discharge pulsation stabilizer
  • Mounted on sub assemblies and attached to main skid


  • Nord Drive Systems
  • 3.51 : 1 Drive Ratio
  • Falk couplings
  • Cooling fan

Electric Motor and VFD

  • One (1) TECO Westinghouse 150 HP Electric Motors ​
  • TEFC; 1783RPM ​
  • VFD Rated​, Constant torque
  • 480V/3ph/60hz


  • 160 HP/ 240AMP
  • Mounted in own cabinet inside of “MCC” in separate room on skid.


  • ​​Suction and Discharge pressure Indicators
  • Rosemount 3051 Discharge Pressure Transmitter
  • 2” 2500RJ Turbine Flow Meter w/ MC-III Analyzer
  • Murphy EX ​​High Vibration Switch
  • ​Murphy EX Low Oil Level Shutdown
  • Murphy PSL
  • Murphy PSHH

Process Piping


  • 3” 300# Suction
  • 2” 2500RJ Discharge
  • Performance Pulsation Control Inc. 2”, 5000psi MAWP discharge pulsation stabilizer
  • Baird 2×2 threaded PSV
  • 2) 3” 300# Y-strainers, set-up with isolation valves and in parallel for cleaning “on the go”.
  • Stuffing box cradle drains into open sump

Building & Electrical

  • 9’ 4” W x 22’ L Building​
  • Separate entrance door for VFD room
  • ¼” Checker Plate Flooring​
  • 1” Drip Lip Around Skid​

Gable Style Building​

  • Ice Rakes​
  • 1 air inlet vent.
  • One (1) Double Man Door and 2 single doors


  • Interior & exterior lights w/ switch​es
  • One (1) High Mount Exhaust Fan​ w/ switch
  • LEL & H2S Gas Detection
  • One (1) ESD Button
  • One (1) Catadyne heater w/ thermostats
  • End devices and electrical wired to Junction Boxes

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Additional information


5 Currently Available –  2 NEW / 3 USED


Weatherford W165H

Motor and VFD

150HP TEFC 1783RPM Motor w/ 160HP 240Amp VFD on skid (separate room)


Grande Prairie, AB






3” 300# suction; 2” 2500# RJ discharge


Fully wired to JB’s

Shipping Dimensions

25’9” L x 10’10” W x 10’8” H


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