SOLD – 1000 kW / 1MW Waukesha L5794GSI Natural Gas Generator Packages CJV-U358

SOLD – 1000 kW / 1MW Waukesha L5794GSI Natural Gas Generator Packages CJV-U358

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Generator Overview

Surplus and low-hour open skid Waukesha L5794GSI-EPA, P2L Gas Engine Genset rated at 980 kW Continuous Duty, 480VAC/3PH/60Hz, 0.8 PF, 1200 RPM, 100 Deg. F Ambient Temperature and 1000 Feet Elevation.

Video Overview

The three 1MW genset configurations featured in this video include a 1000kW Waukesha L5794, 1100kW Cummins QSK60, and a Caterpillar XQ1475G

Condition: ~4000 hours (5-6 years Old)
Units Available: Seven (7)
Engine Specifications: Download Engine Data Sheet

Customer witness testing will be conducted before shipment.

  • Borescope for each cylinder head
  • Inspection of crankcase and crankshaft (removing of crankcase ports),
  • Cranking minimum 2 REVs (using of bearing device),
  • Energize ESM (revision trough ESP program),
  • Energize control panel and other panel if correspond,
  • Load bank test @ unity PF.
  • Complete Inspection of the unit and auxiliary equipment.
  • Testing is shown below

Standard Testing for Used Waukesha L5795GSI Gensets

Standard testing is done at 1.0 Power Factor as follows: Make all necessary adjustments. Start unit and run at no load for five minutes, during which time an audible and visual check is to be made for abnormal noises, vibration, water and oil leaks. Then increase load to 50% for minimum of fifteen minutes and 100% for minimum of one hour.

Near the end of each load run, read and record the following information:

  • Time
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • RPM
  • Kilowatt Load
  • A.C. Voltage of Generator (phase to phase)
  • A.C. Amperes of Generator (line current to load)
  • Frequency
  • Jacket Water Temperature from Engine
  • Lube Oil Temperature to Engine
  • Lube Oil Pressure to Engine
  • Intake Manifold Vacuum (gas)
  • Fuel Pressure to Carburetor (gas)
  • Overspeed Trip Point
  • Crankcase Pressure
  • Lube Oil Pressure Switch Trip Points
  • Jacket Water Temperature Switch Trip Points
  • Trip Points of All Special Switches
  • Record Voltage and Frequency
  • Record Induction Air Temperature

After unit has been tested, all water and oil is drained. All engines receive the following preservation good for one year:

  • Fog intake manifolds with nucle oil
  • After draining oil fog oil pan with nucle oil
  • See Service Bulletins 16–1858 and 16–1855D for preservation beyond one year.

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