Surplus Natural Gas Generators for Sale for Ontario Power Generation Applications

Discover behind the fence (BTF) / site generation natural gas power generator solutions to counteract potential Ontario GA (Global Adjustment) costs.

With the advent of Ontario’s Global Adjustment (GA) it has become advantageous for high consumers of industrial electricity in Ontario to explore producing their own power to avoid the ongoing penalties of the program. Surplus and used generators offer economical power generation through equipment that’s capital value has depreciated since being purchased new, however still offers many more years of power generation use-value.

Surplus / Used Generators For Sale – Ontario Power Generation Solutions

Browse our inventory of surplus generator packages for sale. Purchasing used generators outside of Ontario can alleviate paying excess sales tax and lowers the capital costs of your power plant costs. We can transport these generators across Canada to your on site power generation in Ontario.

Looking for a new natural gas generator? See our turnkey 5 MW and 10 MW natural gas generator solutions.


Turnkey Used 1 MW / 1000 kW Generator Solution

Deploying Generators across Canada, the United States & Internationally

We can handle turnkey generator (surplus, used, new) deployment logistics across throughout Canada including Ontario, the U.S.A. and internationally. We can leverage our network for transportation logistics or use vendors of your preference to make the process of mobilizing of power generation equipment as seamless and frictionless as possible.

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