National Oilwell 300HP Oil Shipping Pump Package CJV1956

National Oilwell 300HP Oil Shipping Pump Package CJV1956

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Equipment Overview

When is the last time you saw a used pump that was TRULY field ready? This National 300Q-5M pump was in LACT service until 2016; it was shut down only because of a change of business structure as all the oil now is being handled just down the road by a 3rd party processer.   We did an in-depth inspection and have determined that this pump, if the plunger size works for you, is ready to re-deploy today. The package has no measurement systems as it was performed in a separate building on site.

Located in west-central Alberta it can be on a truck and moved out quickly – If you need it re-configured for a slightly different use, let us help you with any piping and layout changes as needed or ship it a shop of your choice.   Fully wired to JB’s for additional savings on site.  Check out the 3D tour of this one and call us today!


Virtual Tour

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Pump Package Specifications

Main Pump, Motor & Equipment

Quintuplex Pump

  • National 300Q-5M
  • Aluminum Bronze Fluid End
  • Currently has 2.750” Ceramic Plungers
  • Maximum Continuous RPM Rating:  450RPM​
  • Rated for 300HP Continuous Duty​
  • Sheave Kit and V-Belt Drive
  • Steel Belt Guard
  • 5 Feed Lubricators w/ 55 Gal Oil Reservoir
  • Suction & Discharge 300cu In Stabilizers

Pump Motor

  • TECO Westinghouse 300 HP Electric Motor ​
  • TEFC; 1185RPM ​
  • 2300/4160 Volts/3/60VAC​

Pump Notes

Pump is in excellent condition as verified by our own internal inspection. The internal inspection is available for review by interested parties.

Building & Electrical


  • Suction & Discharge pressure Indicators
  • Discharge Pressure & Temperature Transmitters
  • CCS snap switches for Low/High Suction & Discharge Pressures
  • Murphy High Vibration Switch
  • Murphy EX Low Oil Level Shutdown
  • Sump Level Switch


  • 19’3” long x 17’4” wide​
  • Checker Plate Flooring​
  • 2” Drip Lip Around Skid​
  • One (1) Open Sumps
  • Sump​: High Level Sump Switch
  • Skid does not have lifting lugs and may not be heavy enough to add lifting lugs for lifting. Skid likely needs to be jack & rolled. A heavier skid could be added under the existing skid.


  • Gable Style Building​
  • Ice Rakes​
  • Four (4) 12” x 18” Louvers w/ closers
  • Two (2) Single Man Door​
  • One (1) Roll up overhead Door​


  • Two (2) Interior Lights w/ Switch​es
  • Two (2) Exterior Lights w/ Switches​
  • One (1) High Mount Exhaust Fan​ w/ switch
  • One (1) Low Mount Exhaust Fan w/ switch
  • One (1) 120V Electrical Receptacle​
  • One (1) ESD Buttons​
  • One (1) Roughneck XP heaters w/ thermostats

End Devices Connected to JB’s

  • One (1) pressure transmitter – Discharge
  • One (1) Temperature transmitter – Discharge
  • Two (2) CCS Snap Switches – High/Low Discharge
  • Two (2) CCS Snap Switches – High/Low Discharge
  • One (1) oil level switch low
  • One (1) sump level switch

Pump Performance

Pump Performance – National 300HP 300Q-5 positive displacement pump chart flow pressure

Feature Sheets

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Additional Information

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Additional information


Field run/Minor repairs needed.


Devon, Alberta






Current 300hp, 1185 rpm electric motor is 2300/4160 Volts.


Building/skid is 19’3” long x 17’4” wide. 15’ shipping height


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