SOLD! 200 HP Sour Dual Pump Injection Package (w/ 800 Amp MCC) CJV1851

SOLD! 200 HP Sour Dual Pump Injection Package (w/ 800 Amp MCC) CJV1851

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Equipment Overview

This packages’ price includes the adjacent 800 AMP MCC building full with PLC.

A truly fully loaded pump package and MCC building; this unit ran for just under a year (Red Earth) before the formation failed and it was moved off site. Designed for 1500# and full sour operation, the W130M Triplex pumps have full duplex stainless fluid ends and all piping and valves are internally coated. On the discharge side, a lot of the control valves, transmitters etc. were removed when it arrived, however, all missing parts have now been replaced with new. On the suction side, the filters and charge pumps were removed, which is good because now there is a dance floor size spot where we can outfit the suction end exactly how you require. A generous electrical wiring package is also included with everything wired to JB’s and the “as new” MCC building.

Video Walkthrough #1: On-site Tour

You’re not going to want to miss this tour the current crown jewel of current surplus pump package inventory!

Video Walkthrough #2: Optional Configuration for Charge Pump(s) & Filter(s)

Watch this quick video to see how this dual injection pump building is already configured for a single charge pump, a double charge pump, a single filter, or a double filter. You can read more about this configuration by reading our Surplus Spotlight post for this 200 hp Sour Dual Injection Pump Building.

Adjacent 800 AMP MCC Building with PLC

View full details of this MCC Building on its listing page.

360º Virtual Tour

Explore this package in rich detail through a virtual walkthrough below.

View the adjacent 800 AMP MCC Building with PLC:

Main Pumps, Motors & Assemblies

Triplex Pumps:​

  • Two (2) Weatherford W130M ​Triplex Pumps
  • Duplex Stainless Fluid Ends
  • Client choice of plungers
  • Maximum Continuous RPM Rating:  450RPM​
  • 3” RJ Suction, 1.5” FF Discharge Connections
  • Rated for 130HP Continuous Duty​
  • Sheave Kit and V-Belt Drive
  • Aluminum Belt Guards
  • 3 Feed Lubricators w/ 55 Gal Oil Reservoir
  • Suction & Discharge 600cu In Stabilizers
  • Mounted on sub assemblies and attached to main skid

Pump Notes

  • Pumps are in excellent condition as verified by our own internal inspection and our commitment to a 12 month warranty. The internal inspection is available for review by interested parties.
  • The package ran for just under one year prior to shutdown

Pump Performance

Triplex Pump Motors:

  • Two (2) TECO Westinghouse 100 HP Electric Motors ​
  • TEFC; 1200RPM ​
  • VFD Rated​, Constant torque
  • 480/3/60VAC​


​​PI-1110/1210   Discharge pressure Indicator (0-3000 PSI)
PIT-1100/1200  Rosemount 3051 Discharge Transmitters
FQIT/FE-1000   1 ½ x 2 EZ-IN (2” 1500# RF) Turbine Flow Meter w/ MC-III Analyzer
​​VSH-1100/1200   High Vibration Switch
​LSL-1100/1200   Murphy EX Low Oil Level Shutdown
LSH  Sealed Sump Level Switch
PDIT   Rosemount 3051 Filter Differential Transmitter

Suction Instrumentation will be selected once customer decides configuration of filters/charge pump etc. or it can be taken to site and completed there.


Suction Piping:   ​

  • 6” 150# Suction Inlet
  • Remainder for Suction Piping 3″ & 6″ to Each Pump
  • 3″ Spools for Stabilizer Mounting
  • Internally Coated

Drain Piping

  • All process piping drains go to sealed sump via threaded drain piping
  • Filter drain piping currently in place (absent of filters)
  • Pump stuffing boxes drain into open Sump

Discharge Piping

  • Each individual discharge line exits the plunger pump into a 2” 1500 ANSI rated line. The discharge stabilizers are located directly after the plunger pump discharge.
  • The PSV and automated startup bypass valve are located before the discharge header. There will also be a block and check valve prior to connecting to the discharge header from each pump individual discharge line, to prevent back flow possibilities.
  • After the two discharge lines connect, there is the meter run with an uninterrupted 10 x upstream / 5 x downstream flow criteria.
  • After the meter run, the flow flows through a 3” check and a ball valve, before leaving to skid edge.
  • PSV and start-up bypass piping go back to main pump suction​
  • Drain valves to drain sump​
  • Internally Coated
  • All supports are mounted on structural skid members
  • All supports are secured by clamp style tie-downs
  • Floating Full Port Block Valves on the system to ensure an adequate flow rating of the line/system.


  • 17’ W x 39’ L Skid and Building​
  • ¼” Checker Plate Flooring​
  • 2” Drip Lip Around Skid​
  • Two (2) Open Sumps /
  • One (1) Sealed Sump w/ 2″ Vented Outside
  • Sump​: High Level Sump Switch


  • Gable Style Building​
  • Ice Rakes​
  • Four (4) 12” x 18” Louvers w/ closers
  • One (1) Double Man Door​
  • One (1) Single Man Door​
  • 3” Fire Retardant Spray Foam Under skid Insulation Insulated Skid


  • Six (6) Interior Lights w/ Switch​es
  • Two (2) Exterior Lights w/ Switches​
  • One (1) High Mount Exhaust Fan​ w/ switch
  • One (1) Low Mount Exhaust Fan w/ switch
  • LEL and H2S Gas Detection
  • One (1) 120V Electrical Receptacle​
  • Two (2) ESD Buttons​
  • Two (2) Hazlok XP heaters w/ thermostats

All electrical has been tested and replaced as required. New junction boxes have been installed.

End Devices Connected to JBs

  • Two (2) pressure transmitters (PIT-1100/1200) – Suction
  • One (1) differential pressure transmitter (DPIT-1000) – Suction
  • Two (2) pressure transmitters (PIT-1110/1210) – Discharge
  • Two (2) vibration switch (VSH-1100/1200)
  • Two (2) oil level switch low (LSLL-1100/1200)
  • One (1) flow meter 4-20 connection (FE/FT-1000)
  • One (1) sump level switch (LSH-1300)
  • Included: Rigid aluminum conduit and steel unistrut used throughout
  • Lamicoids for all switches, junction box’s, and ESD’s
  • Top entry into junction boxes for all conduits


Download as-built drawings

Additional information


Used – 1 Year




Halkirk, AB






Sour (Internally Coated)


6"/3" 150# – 3" 1500#


Fully wired


Skidded building is 17'W x 39' L


Option Available – Offered "AS IS"


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