We’ve recently had some inquiries about getting clarity on the suction side of things for this 200 hp Sour Dual Injection Pump Building, so we’ve put together this quick video to overview what’s possible.

Surplus Spotlight Video: 200 hp Sour Dual Injection Pump Building For Sale – Charge Pump & Filter Options

CJV#1851 200 hp Sour Dual Injection Pump Building Snapshot

Used – 1 Year


Halkirk, AB



Sour (Internally Coated)

6″/3″ 150# – 3″ 1500#

Charge Pump(s) & Filter(s)
Optional charge pump(s) available to 4″ connection / Optional filter(s) available to 3″ connection. Details explained in the video above and in configuration description below.

Fully wired

Skidded building is 17’W x 39′ L

Option Available – Offered “AS IS”

Configuring for Optional Charge Pump(s) or Filter(s)

By looking at the photos or the 360º virtual tour, you’ll notice that currently there are no charge pumps or filters in the package. However, there are provisions for it if you require these.

There is a 6″ inlet line with an isolation ball valve which carries all the way through to the suction manifold of the triplex pumps. If you wanted to install charge pumps or filters we have two spools of the suction manifold line with 4″ connections for charge pumps. We also have the unit set up for two 3″ connections for filters.

Whether you want a single charge pump, a double charge pump, a single filter, or a double filter – these options are ready if required for this dual injection pump building.

The only piping that may need fabricating in addition to the optional charge pump(s) and filter(s) is the manifold from the charge pump to the filters.

We have filters and charge pumps in stock and the unit is situated at facility in Alberta that can get the work done in short order. Or if you want to ship it to the field as-is and have your field crew rig it up how you want, we are totally flexible.

ALSO TO NOTE: A 800 AMP MCC Building is Included in the Sale of This Dual Injection Pump Building

Have a look at the 800 AMP MCC Building CJV#1853 by visiting its listing page. This building is included in the price of the dual injection pump building.

Also check out the pump package with our high-quality capture by clicking on the 360º tour below or review the pump performance curves for the dual Weatherford W130-M pump.

360º Virtual Tour: 200 hp Sour Dual Injection Pump Building

Pump Performance (Dual Weatherford W130M): 200 HP Sour Dual Pump Injection Package

Review this dual Weatherford W130M pump’s performance spec via available fluid end plunger diameters relative to: gallons per revolution, maximum PSI & kPa, RPM, GPM and m3/d. Contact us to discuss your specific volume/pressure pump system application requirements.

If you have any questions and want to chat, email, call or text me to discuss this great dual injection pump building.

All the best,

Kameron Anderson
Owner & President
Crusader Joint Ventures

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