SOLD! 125HP Union TD-120 Triplex Sour Pump Package + OPTIONAL Pipeline LACT Conversion CJV1887

SOLD! 125HP Union TD-120 Triplex Sour Pump Package + OPTIONAL Pipeline LACT Conversion CJV1887

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Equipment Overview

Up to 560m3/day or up to 3748psi discharge pressure – this full sour water injection / disposal pump package is sitting right now in Three Hills, AB and can go to work immediately after installing your choice of plungers!  The Union TD-120 Pump is the only part that is in a reconditioned state, everything else is in unused/new condition. Fortunately, we did the pump work ourselves, so we offer a full 1 year warranty on it – the same that you would get if you bought a NEW pump from Union or National.

There is one 3 bag filter (coated) included, but we have the room, spool pieces, and extra identical filter to install a second one if you require. As mentioned, this a sour unit; coated pipe, no TOL’s, linebacker gaskets, sour valves etc. A full drawing and QA package included. With this pump package you are getting everything you love about new, combined with a price that you can brag about. Requires only electrical wiring to JB’s and it is ready to go!

This unit is also a perfect candidate for an optional conversion to a pipeline LACT unit. Watch the video walkthrough below as it details the simple adjustments to alternatively convert it from a water injection/disposal application to LACT.

Video Walkthrough

Watch a detailed video tour with Kameron Anderson walking through this water injection/disposal pump package and see specifics on how it can optionally be converted to become a pipeline LACT unit.

Top Drive Mount Comparison: Union Pumps vs. National Pumps

This Union TD-120 125HP pump package has an electric motor mounted on the top of the pump. Rest assured, this orientation delivers ease of use for operators and routine maintenance. The motor mounts are built right into the pump casing and there are no valve top covers on the Union TD0120 pump, so all maintenance can be done without taking off the motor. National pump top drive mounts on the other hand are massive, can be a bit clumsy, and anytime you want to get into the pump you are required to remove the motor. Luckily, that is not the case here with this beauty Union TD-120 pump package. If for whatever reason you still want to covert this into a standard V-belt drive setup with the motor mounted on the skid, we’d be glad to assist and this can be done under a week’s time for approximately $4,500.00.

Watch the video below to learn more about this pump package’s easy to maintain top mount drive.


Optional Conversion to Pipeline LACT Unit

To optionally convert this to a pipeline LACT unit we would take out the three-bag filter, put in a coriolis, a BS&W, and a three-way valve. This conversion from its current pump package configuration to a LACT unit can be completed in less than three weeks. Contact us to discuss the specifics of this alternative option.

360º Virtual Tour

Explore this package in rich detail through a virtual walkthrough below.

Main Pumps, Motors & Assemblies

P-200 Triplex Pump:

  • One (1) REMANUFACTURED UNION TD-120 Pump “M” Fluid End
  • Client choice of plungers
  • 3” Suction, 2” Discharge Connections
  • 3 Feed Lubricator w/ Oil Reservoir
  • Sheave Kit and Belt Guard
  • Mounted on sub assembly skid and attached to main skid
  • Zero-Hour Overhaul c/w 12 month warranty

M-200 Motor

  • One (1) NEW 125HP Electric Motor
  • WEG
  • TEFC, Roller brg. drive end
  • 1800 RPM
  • VFD Rated
  • 460V/3/60

PD-100 Suction Stabilizer ​

  • One (1) Status Flow or equal Pulsation Stabilizers
  • 300 cu/in
  • 3” 150# RF
  • CRN for BC, SK, AB, MB

PD-200 Discharge Stabilizer

  • One (1) CoorsTek or equal Discharge Pulsation Stabilizer
  • 300 cu/in
  • 2” 1500# RF
  • CRN for BC, SK, AB, MB

P-100 Charge Pump ​

  • One (1) NEW Grundfos CRN 20-3 Centrifugal Pump
  • All Wetted Parts Stainless Steel
  • Rated at 120 gpm @ 65 psi
  • Low NPSH Impeller rated at <5ft npshr

M-100 Charge Pump Motor​

  • One (1) 7.5 HP WEG Motor
  • TEFC, 3550 RPM
  • 460V/3/60Hz

F-100 Filter Vessel:

  • New P2 3 Bag Filter Vessel
  • Internally Coated
  • MAWP 150 PSI @ +300F/-20F
  • 4” 150# RF in/out Connections
  • Rated for 815m3/day
  • AB/BC/SK CRN Registration
  • Piping connections for 2nd filter
  • 2nd 3 bag filter currently in stock

Pump Performance


PI-100   P-100 Inlet pressure indicator (0-15 psi)
DPI-100   F-100/200 Differential Pressure Indicator (0-30 Diff Pres)
PI-200/300  P-100 Discharge pressure Indicator (0-160 psi)
PSL-100   P-200 Low suction pressure Shutdown Switch Low (6900GZE14 SET FALLING TO 25 PSI)
PI-200   P-200 discharge pressure Indicator (0-3000 PSI)
PSH-200   P-200 High discharge pressure Shutdown Switch High (6900GZE22 SET TBA)
PSV-200   Pressure Safety Valve (SET RISING TO TBA)
FT-200   1 ½ x 2 EZ-IN (2” 1500# RF) Turbine Flow Meter
FQI-200   Flow Totalizer MCIII EX
VSH-200   P-161 High Vibration Switch
LSL-200   P-161 Low Oil Level Shutdown


All Pipe included in this package is Internally Coated with Devoe 253

Suction Piping:  3” 150#

  • Includes 3” Basket strainer and Isolation valve on suction piping
  • 3” Filter vessel isolation valves and 3” bypass valve circuit

Discharge Piping: 2” 900/1500#

  • Manual startup bypass valve
  • Isolation valve
  • Check valve
  • PSV and startup bypass valves outlet go back to main pump suction
  • Drain valves to drain sump

Drain Piping to be 1” and will drain into open drain sump from:

  • Basket strainer drain
  • F-161 Filter vessel drain
  • Suction piping between P-100/P-200
  • Discharge piping
  • P-200 stuffing box drain

Piping Notes

  • Built to ASME B31.3 Latest Edition
  • Discharge piping (900/1500#) to be sch. 160
  • Suction (150# ANSI) piping to be sch. 40
  • All Piping 10% NDT, no PWHT
  • Internally coated
  • Piping includes flanges for all instrumentation connections (No TOL’s)
  • All pipe/fittings/bolting/ linebacker gaskets materials to be standard

Skid & Building

One (1) Surplus Never Used Skid and Building:

  • 12’ W x 18’L x 9’ H Gable S
  • Checker Plate Flooring
  • 2” Drip Lip Around Skid
  • Drain Sump
  • High Level Sump Switch
  • Filter, Suction and discharge piping, pump stuffing box area drain into sump
  • Gable Style Building
  • Ice Rakes
  • Ridge Vent
  • Choice of 12VDC start Catadyne heater OR 15Kw Electric Hazloc Heater
  • Eavestroughs and Downspouts
  • One (1) Double Man Door
  • One (1) Single Man Door
  • 3” Fire Retardant Spray Foam Under skid Insulation Insulated Skid
  • There is no electrical included in this quote.

QC/QA Documentation

Operation, Parts, Service and QA Manual provided with package c/w:

  • Drawings include:
  • P&ID
  • GA Plan Elevation ISO
  • Structural Steel
  • Pump Curves
  • Installation and Operation manual
  • Parts and service Manual for all equipment
  • Data sheets for all equipment in package
  • QC Manual from approved shop with ABSA – AQP
  • AB-83
  • U1A for Filter vessel and Pulsation stabilizers


Download as-built drawings

Additional information


New/Never Used


Three Hills, AB




NEW – 12 Months

Driven Model

Union TD-120 (M)

Pump Driver

WEG 125HP Electric Motor, VFD Rated

Charge Pump

Grundfos CRN 20-3 c/w 7.5HP WEG Motor


3 Bag (coated) w/ Bypass


3” 150# Suction; 2” 1500# Discharge, Internally Coated, 2” Turbine Flow Meter


12’ x 18’ x 9’ Gable Style, Ridge Vent, Ice Rakes, 2” Drip Lip, Drain Sump, Insulated Skid, etc.

Of Note

Client choice of plungers included in price.  PSV and heater not shown, but are included in the offering.  Full drawing and QA Package is Included


  • 💬 Questions? Complete the form or call/text/WhatsApp Kameron Anderson @ 403-819-3906

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