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Crusader Joint Ventures is a network of technical experts that supplies and deploys oil & gas equipment both locally in Alberta, Canada and Internationally. We create solutions for new & used equipment that are flexibly offered, carefully executed, and delivered with ease. Browse pumps, separators, compressors, generators, turbines, and more. How can we help you?

Surplus Spotlight – Used, new, never-used oil and gas oilfield energy equipment, canada, usa, europe, africa, asia, south america, mexico – pumps, compressors, generators, gensets, turbines, separators

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Used Water Injection & Water Disposal Pump Packages and Systems

Located in Alberta, these in-stock surplus pump packages are ready to be rapidly redeployed. Each having in-depth verified information, refurbishments and available warranties. Lower your surplus decision risks with top quality information on trusted pump packages.

Care for Used Oilfield Equipment

Whether it’s thorough technical information, high-quality photos, 360º tours, refurbishments or optional warranties – we know that giving careful attention to details can move surplus oil and gas equipment from being neglected & idle, to being redeployed & producing new revenue.

Use the sliders below for a BEFORE & AFTER of a pump building refurbishment.


1000 kW Generator Natural Gas Powered

Used oilfield equipment shouldn’t be risky business for you.

Lower your decision risk with increased optics on surplus oil and gas equipment that has been verified by the experienced Crusader Joint Venture team – it’s a purchase to feel great about.

On-site documentation by technical experts

Exceptional detail of pertinent technical information

Digital cataloging & professional marketing

Comprehensive photographic cataloguing

Available 3D/360º virtual scans showing unparalleled detail

Experienced in Oilfield Equipment

Our team and network is made up of various disciplines to prepare and deploy oil and gas equipment for use: technical, service, fabrication, logistics, financial, administration, sales and marketing. Specializing in rotating equipment, water injection & disposal pump packages and vertical & horizontal separators. Leading the high-level equipment side of things are Kameron Anderson, Lourne Anderson and Mike Burghardt who have served the oil & gas industry in Calgary, Alberta, Western Canada and internationally.

Kameron Anderson - President & Founder of Crusader Joint Ventures - surplus used new refurbished oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Kameron Anderson

Being mentored by a veteran of the oil and gas surplus equipment business, he’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly of equipment deals. From this vantage point, his commitment has been that success in business is when it’s a win-win for everyone involved. When he’s not gaining optics on surplus and strategies to rapidly deploy equipment, he’s gaining ground visibility flying high-up at 8,000 ft. in a single-prop Cessna.

Lourne Anderson - Technical Director at Crusader Joint Ventures - surplus used new refurbished oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Lourne Anderson

Working from Prudhoe Bay, to Norway, to Africa, to Thailand and to Mexico, on some of the most interesting of projects. Here at home, he has personally been the lead manager on the fabrication of over 500 projects (founder of LOP Omnitech Inc.) with exceptional knowledge in pumps and fluid handling. Technically adept. Endlessly creative. And, Kameron’s dad.

Mike Burghardt - Technical Services & Client Support at Crusader Joint Ventures - surplus used new refurbished oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Mike Burghardt

Having spent half his life working in the field, in every season, in every corner of the world (mostly Canada), travelling in every conceivable apparatus, in everyday of the year, to service and repair rotating equipment. He produces the best information for surplus in the business and his model for quality information is the template. This guy knows equipment.

Principles that move us.



The strong connection to each other and our work. The commitment to be great and create positive outcomes.



More than a feeling – a doing. The commitment to increase positive outcomes, while decreasing unnecessary effort.



Creating flexibility in decisions – not for mere flexibilities sake, but to decrease negative limitations, while increasing positive outcomes.

Open for Ventures

We stay open and available to get involved in projects that are interesting. We have this flexibility because we don’t have a fab shop to keep filled or a widget we have to sell over and over. Due to the quality of our people and deep technical experience, we’ve been invited into opportunities that have been fun and off the wall. Learn more about our approach to partnerships and business on our Joint Ventures section.

Project – Generator Conversion - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Conversion of Generators

500kW of power was needed for Andora’s pilot SAGD. We sourced three well used 25′ 275kW trailer mounted induction generators for the job – proceeded to overhaul the 3408 CAT engines, all support equipment, converted them to prime power synchronize generators and updated all the control systems. At the same time, we custom built a load sharing/synchronizing panel that would communicate, load share and synchronize all three generation units to operate as single system.

Dragon Oil Pumps in Turkmenistan

A well timed job during the heart of the downturn, this project came to us through our network in the United Kingdom. It involved the complete design, engineering and the procurement of three 900HP horizontal centrifugal pumps, 150hp lift pumps, VFD’s, harmonic filters, and cables. All pumps were delivered on time – which was good because it was a $4000/day fine if we were late.

Project –Horizontal Multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps for Dragon Oil - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada
Project – Horizontal Treater Joint Venture - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Treater Joint Venture

A financial investor approached us as they had a unique contact and scenario to import 8′ x 30’ bare treater vessels into Alberta via the US. We created a joint venture scenario to mange the vessel manufacturing process and ensure ABSA registration. Once completed, we then designed and project managed the process packaging of them, via 3 separate manufacturing facilities and successfully closing deals on all of them until the US dollar rose and the venture winded down.

Conversion of Compressor to Pump

After staring down a 24 week delivery and $2.5M build, we were called in; sourced a surplus compressor, stripped non-essentials, overhauled the engine, selected/procured all required new equipment, installed the gearbox, pump and required piping/installation/control valves. A completely new PLC control system was also designed and installed by Crusader to operate the entire pump system and engine as well as communication with the client facility. Four days of commissioning and startup. The client saved 12 weeks and $900k.

Project – Conversion of Compressor to Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada
Project – Conversion of Compressor to Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Our First BIG Broker Client

In 2011 Pengrowth had a fresh mandate to generate cash from surplus sales but needed to approach in a new way after a 2010 “broker” incident. We collectively designed a tailor-made process that addressed their desire for open and transparent results, removed traditional sales barriers, and created a pricing structure; all of which allowed us to work freely and openly together. Done on a handshake, we sold over 180 pieces of equipment in less than 24 months.

Surplus Investments

A good portion of our business comes from selecting equipment that we are willing to invest in ourselves: purchasing it, refurbishing as required and bringing it to market at a wholesale value for our broker network.

Project – Surplus investments and joint ventures 1000 kW generator 1 mw generator - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada
Project – LACT unit - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada


Utilizing a surplus pump and a stock building, we fabricated a new LACT unit c/w warranty for them saving approximately $45,000 over purchasing all new – later the pump became too small for the application and so we were contacted again for a retrofit where we selected a new pump (TD-120) and fit it into the existing package which only had an FMC M12 60hp pump. Expertise and imagination on full display.

A Rush to Raise

A great existing customer called us and informed us that they had entered into “sales mode” and would be selling their company – We had 60 days to sell as much as possible for them. Even though all equipment was from the 90’s and early 2000’s, we documented, marketed and reached close to $500k in sales in that short period. This goodwill scored us an invite to their deal closing party where a lot of the executives (who we had never met) shook our hands and thanked us for getting it all done.

Project – cash raise - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada
Project – vapour scrubbing unit - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

Vapour Scrubbing System

A JV partner came to us asking if we wanted to work together on a project. They’re a rep for vapour scrubbing technologies, but they only sell components. The client, Tervita, wanted the components, but did not want to have compile a system themselves. So we took the lead and designed a full vapour scrubbing system rated at 250 Sm3hr @ 4 oz to remove any LEL/H2S vapours from the tank from venting system at a new fluid disposal site. Working with the engineering firm we supplied documentation, fabrication process, control philosophy for programming and spare parts for commissioning & maintenance.

Karve Energy

Our first project for Karve (explore 360º tour) began in 2018 with a 200HP multistage centrifugal pump package for EOR with water injection. A recip pump was more suited, but centrifugal was requested. The challenge was a 500-2500 m3d range with varying discharge pressures. With a preferred supplier (Canadian Advanced), we modified a pump and the system design included several accurate control valves and sequencing with some complicated control philosophy and programming. Delivered on time, it’s operated trouble free since. Three similar systems have been deployed since with flows up to 6500 m3d, all with interchangeable parts.

Project – Karve Energy pump package skid system - oilfield oil and gas equipment for sale in Alberta Canada

“Hey Kam, your customer just called me for reference. I know you know a lot about pump packages, but Lourne REALLY KNOWS. I told them if they want to get the job done quick and not get screwed, they need to work with you guys. No one knows pumps more!”

60HP LACT Pump Package Client

“I’ve worked all over the world designing electrical and control systems… often times on the same project as Lourne and I’ve never seen anyone with more knowledge on pump systems than him.”

Ryan Arsenault, President



Deploying Oil & Gas Equipment / Oilfield Equipment across Canada, the United States & Internationally

We have partners that can handle turnkey oilfield equipment (surplus, used, new) deployment logistics across Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan), throughout Canada, the U.S.A. and internationally. We can make recommendations from our network for transportation logistics or use vendors of your preference to make the process of mobilizing of energy & oilfield equipment as seamless and frictionless as possible.

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