Attention oil companies, brokers, or any buyer of oilfield equipment, DO NOT quote out a multi-well header building UNTIL you have considered this new, never used, 10 Well Header Package c/w 30” x 10’ x 1355psi Separator located conveniently off highway 2 outside of Calgary, Alberta. It’s an exceptional multi-well header package that’s for sale at a remarkable price.

Watch Kameron Anderson tour this top-quality never been used well header package that is priced at a mere fraction of the original PO.

Watch the video walkthrough:

Snapshot: For Sale 10 Well Header Package c/w 30” x 10’ x 1355psi Separator

New / Never Used

Manufactured by Bromley, 2014 – Full “As Built” Drawings & QA

Calgary, AB


Status / Availability:
Disconnected, Ships Immediately

Sour Service

Piping Connections:

  • Complete package is rated for 600#
  • Qty 10 x 4” Test Lines
  • Qty 2 x 10” Group Lines (main and spare)
  • Vessel: 6” Inlet/Outlet, 4” Liquid Out, 2” Drains, 2” PSV, 2” Vessel Truckout

Shipping Dimensions:
12’3” W x 50’ L x 15’ H; 80,000lbs

Building Notes:
Instrumentation, gaskets, heaters, exhaust fans as per PID are in the crates. Highlights: Jupiter JM4 level transmitter w/ Magentrol Orion Atlas magnetic level, Rosemount PIT’s, Rosemount TT’s, 2 x 2 turbine flow meter. Electrical, instrumentation install and tubing, as well as the meter runs are additional an cost to you. First-class and neutral-colored building, Insulated Skid with lifting lugs.

Get photos, more details, and branded or unbranded feature sheets on the 10 Well Header Package c/w 30” x 10’ x 1355psi Separator product page.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss or if you’re looking for a different well header package solution.

Full Video Transcript


Welcome to another great untold story of the oilfield surplus market. We’re coming to you here right off highway #2 with a full sour, 30” 10 well multi-well header package with a 30” x 10’ 1355psi 2 phase vertical separator. Stay tuned, let’s check it out!

So in 2014, this building was built by Bromley and was supposed to go to Nexen in Dilly Creek in northern BC.

Never quite got there, and so here we are alongside highway 2 where this package has sat ever since.

Now it’s a 10 well header and every one of these bars is a missing meter run, because they were supposed to be customer supplied, but it was never supplied.

Outside of that, there is a lot of missing instrumentation, but never fear I’ve dug up all the boxes, I’ve gone through all the creates. All the instrumentation is here. We’ve got flow meters, we got thermal wells, we’ve got pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters. We’ve got Ruffneck heaters. Under here we got gaskets and more level controllers. And we even got eaves throughs and hoods for the building.

Alright, so now that you know the instrumentation is included, you can avert your darting eye and we can focus on the piping and the vessel.

We have a 30 inch 600ANSI full sour, dressed 2 phase, separator vessel.

Then into the two common lines, we have a 4 inch test and a 10 inch group lines – big stuff!

The 4 inch group line, every single one of them has two 4 inch 600ANSI Nace sour ball valves built by Cameron, because it’s fancy. Spec blinds on everything as well.

Before I arrived on-site here this morning, I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect. I had seen the unit electronically through drawings and a couple of drawings. But, nobody knew what was in the crates, nobody knew what was included, what wasn’t included. Some guys couldn’t even get up in here. But not us. We went through all the crates. We discovered that all the instrumentation is here. We even found the QA manual.

And now I can confidently say, if you’re looking for a multi-well header package, do not buy one or build one new unless you’ve at least looked at this one. This PO on this was 600 grand, what are we asking, one hundred, one hundred twenty-five? Brokers, don’t quote out a multi-well header package until you’ve included this one.


What’s this? QC binder.

[Sounds of joy]

That feeling when you find the QC binder when the customer says, “we don’t have a QC binder”. Right here, oh the holy grail!

I’m telling you this is like Christmas.

For somebody who sells surplus equipment, QA is always the issue: “How do you find QA? Where’s the drawings? Who has the drawings? The operator had the drawings.” But when you are going through a crate trying to identify that everything is there, and you run across the binder inside of a Lincoln Electric welding box, that’s called winning folks! That’s called surplus winning.

This package can now be sold to anyone with a fancy spec like Nexen, in Dilly Creek.

[Various commentary on unboxing other oilfield equipment included with this surplus brand new 10 well header package with 30 inch sour vertical separator for sale and situated in Alberta.]

[END OF VIDEO – 4:22]