You’re not going to want to miss this outstanding pump package walkthrough video – a 200 HP Sour Dual Pump Injection Package. With an original P.O. value of over $700k, this surplus pump package offers outstanding value and has the capacity & flexibility to suit a range of water injection and water disposal applications. Plus, it includes a 800 AMP MCC building with full PLC offering you the ability to support additional well site auxiliary equipment.

Watch the video walkthrough:

Matterport 360º tour:

Dual 100 HP Sour Water Injection / Water Disposal Pump Package:

Adjacent 800 AMP MCC Building with PLC:

Equipment listings:

200 HP Sour Dual Pump Injection Package (w/ 800 Amp MCC) CJV1851

800 Amp MCC w/ Full PLC CJV1853

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Kameron Anderson
President & Founder, Crusader Joint Ventures

Full Video Transcript


I’m excited to show you this one: it’s a dual 100 hp, full sour, 1500 ANSI water injection pump package & water disposal pump package unit.

Come take a look.

Let’s begin with the stars of the show, right here.

Weatherford W130, it’s the exact carbon copy of the National 130T, except these were built in Texas in 2012. Not shipped overseas like Weatherford did later in the years.

Sour unit, full duplex stainless steel fluid ends on them.

Right here we got the suction and discharge stabilizers which we will order specifically for your application.

We got PSV’s and the same thing, we’ll install those.

A lot of the instrumentation and valves were previously lifted by the operators before we acquired the unit. So all of the instrumentation has been replaced such as the Rosemount differential pressure transmitters for the 2” startup bypass and the new ET valves.

All the piping and all the valves are internally coated. The piping, the discharge is 2” 1500 ANSI and the suction is 6” 150 ANSI. Everything, is internally coated for sour.

Now down in this giant space, we intentionally left empty. When this package was moved off site,  PennWest took the pumps and the filters and put them in the other package. So we didn’t replace that at all, we left that here. So we have room for a charge pump, we also have spool behind this here. We have everything setup to install, one or two, centrifugal charge pumps here. Then as you can see it moves right into the filter manifold here. We have the outlet to the filter. You can install 3, 5 or 7 bag filters, we can help you out with that.

And then right into here leaves this wide open area which is perfect for recycle pumps or any other auxiliary equipment that you may want to pump into here onsite.

Sumps, sumps and more sumps! We got three sumps in here. The one right down here by the filters. The one over by the pumps, the floor wash sumps. Then we also have this sealed sump which is worth mentioning because it is a sour unit. Fully sealed sump, we have a pneumatic pump out, a high-level shutdown and all the process from the suction, we got bleed rings and all the filter drains – all ties into this drain system into the sealed sump.

Now we didn’t include this because we don’t actually know if you want use this, but the provisions are all here. We have the electrical here wired all the way to the JBs, and as well as the piping to install two air compressors that will run all the instrumentation in this package.

Coming back to the pumps, these were ran for less than six months. We internally inspected them and they are still as new. As such we will back these by a new 12-month warranty. Both pumps are run on a 100 hp TECO Westinghouse TEFC electric motors.

And speaking of electric, there is a full gamut of electric in here. We got obviously the two Hazloc heater which will be mounted. We got exhaust fans, we have fire eyes, we have LEL detection, we have H2S detection, we got eave lights, interior and exterior and, exterior ESD buttons.

Now the perfect application for this pump package is someone who has a water disposal standalone site or water injection standalone site. Let me show you why, this makes so much sense.

The included MCC building with this. Again this unit was used less than six months before it was shut down and this MCC was part of it.

Inside, we got an Allen-Bradly PLC control panel, a UPS system, we got two 100 hp Toshiba VFDs. It still has the plastic on the screen here. We have an 800 AMP main disconnect. All your other disconnects to run your heaters, and lights, and charge pumps etc. instrumentation air compressors. And as well you can see have lots of extra capacity so again if you have a standalone site and you need some recycle pumps or other auxiliary equipment, we have built in capacity right there.

There you have it, the crown jewel of Crusader Joint Ventures current pump inventory. Seven hundred thousand dollars of original purchase order value, full sour unit, 12-month warranty and lots of space to configure the options as you need.

We’re pump experts, let us help you with your application.

[END OF VIDEO – 5:55]