Watch Kameron Anderson, President & Founder of Crusader Joint Ventures, on this video tour as he showcases this top-notch warrantied 60HP surplus pump package that’s for sale – located in beautiful Three Hills, Alberta. Just like our 125HP Pump Package of this unit also allows it to be ALTERNATIVELY converted into a pipeline LACT unit. It would be as easy as making some simple adjustments that can be done implemented in less than a month. Contact us to discuss getting this quality pump package deployed for your specific needs.

You may find a cheaper pump package out there, but you won’t find a better pump for less money!

Video Tour:

3D Virtual Tour of 60HP Pump Package

Explore a rich-detail view of this 60HP 3000PSI Sour Water Injection Pump Package by clicking on the Matterport 360º tour below.

Detailed Surplus 60HP Pump Package Information

Get in-depth information on this 60HP 3000PSI Sour Water Injection Pump Package that can be alternatively converted into a pipeline LACT unit on its product page. On this listing page, you will find an equipment overview, a gallery of photos, pump curves, detailed listings of package components, and much more.

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Full Video Transcript


Emergency shut down what you’re doing and listen up… I’m about to show you a beauty 60hp water injection pump package.

Everything is new, except for the pump – it’s reconditioned with a full 12-month warranty on it.

We start off with a 3 inch 1500 ANSI suction piping.

It goes through a 5hp low NPSH Grundfos charge pump into a three-bag internally coated filter.

We have a manual startup bypass.

It has a FMC M12 pump and on its full discharge pressure of 1500 ANSI, you can get 250 cubes per day. If you want lower pressure, with the biggest plungers, you can put away 750 cubes a day. On the higher volume, we may have to change out the piping depending on the pipe velocities as this has a 2 inch internally coated discharge line, good for 1500 ANSI as I mentioned.

There’s a flow meter as well.

The building it’s sitting in is where a lot of value is going to get made up in this. It’s fully wired. It’s a brand new building – never been used.

(GRAPHIC: Features – Wired to JBs / Drain Sump / Exhaust Fab, Ice Rakes, Ridge Vent, Downspouts, Double Door, Single Man Door)

So in the spirit of full transparency, even though it brings me a little bit of pain, I want to talk about two items.

The first one, is the pump itself. I remember my dad and I were hanging out by the pool in Mexico when we signed on the final build for this. Somewhere in translation, when we got home, we noticed this pump is mounted a little bit closer than we would like. This would be a huge problem if this was a National pump, but it is not. It’s an FMC pump, so all your valves come right out of the tops. There is no need to get behind there, so it’s not an issue. Again, we would have put this a little bit farther out, but I wanted to mention that as some operators may see this.

Second, this corner looks a little bit squished in here. It’s because the Ruffneck heater should be over there. So before you take this home, we are going to move it over to that corner, then this whole space will open up.

This particular pump package is set up for a water injection or water disposal obviously. But, right here in the suction line right after the charge pump, if you wanted to convert this to a LACT unit, we’d take all of these components back as a credit. We would install a coriolis, a BS&W a three-way meter, and in less than in a month we can be up and running as a full pipeline LACT unit.

In conclusion, you may find a cheaper pump out there, but you will not find a better pump for less money than this one. We’ve pretty much bared our soul on this one. You can go check out the Matterport and see into every corner of this building without even having to come here. Or you can come out to Three Hills Alberta and look at it yourself. Either way, check it out and give us a call!

[END OF VIDEO  – 3:30]