Watch as Kameron Anderson gives a detailed video walkthrough of this warrantied surplus 125HP water injection/disposal pump package that’s for sale – located in Three Hills, Alberta. The flexibility of this pump package allows it to be OPTIONALLY converted to a pipeline LACT unit with some simple adjustments that can be completed in only three weeks. Reach out to us to see how this unit can be optimally deployed for your production needs.

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360º Virtual Tour of 125HP Pump Package

Explore a detailed view of this 125HP Union TD-120 Triplex Sour Pump Package by clicking on the Matterport 3D tour below.

Detailed Surplus 125HP Pump Package Specifications

Learn more about this 125HP water injection/disposal pump package that can be optionally converted to a pipeline LACT unit on it’s listing page. There you will find an equipment overview, photos, detailed components, pump performance curves and more.

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Full Video Transcript


#1887 – It’s a 125HP water injection or water disposal unit. If you need that size of a pump for your application, I challenge you that there’s no need to build something new. We have an infinitely flexible product here – let’s check it out.

So originally we bought this beauty of a pump, it was inside of a pump package that we purchased from CNRL, and thank goodness we got them down on price because we got it back and the only thing we ended up saving was the pump and the stabilizers. The skid, the building, those are out at Mike’s farm and everything else is in the scrap bin.

So we had a surplus filter and we had this really nice building here and we put together the pump. So, let’s start out with a quick tour here. We open in a 3 inch 150 ANSI suction piping. All the piping is internally coated.

It goes into a 7.5HP low NPSH charge pump. You can get away with less than 5 PSI – it has been know to pull a vacuum.

We move right into a three-bag internally coated 150 ANSI filter. As you can see we also have provisions for a second filter, if needed.

It goes right into differential pressure indicators, as well as a start-up bypass system.

It has a brand new 125HP, WEG motor.

Union TD-120 has a B fluid end or an M fluid end. It’s capable of a full 1500ANSI discharge pressure. It moves 1200 cubes per day on the low end and 250 cubes at full 1500 ANSI pressure.

We also have a C or an L fluid end in stock. So if you really need to put away a lot of water without needing the pressure, we can swap out the fluid end and we probably would just change the piping out here depending on your pipe velocity.

The pipe itself is 2 inch 1500 ANSI piping. All the piping is internally coated and goes right into a turbine flow meter at the end and then exits the building.

Speaking of the building, it’s a brand new surplus building. Its got a lot of the options you want in a building but you don’t really want to pay for.

(GRAPHIC: Features – Drain Sump / Exhaust Fab, Ice Rakes, Ridge Vent, Downspouts, Double Door, Single Man Door)

Its got a ridge vent, its got an exhaust fan. You see the sump in there that drains to the outside. Solid building – we have put the pump right down on the main skid beams.

The heater is not mounted, but of course, that’s included. We left that out, just if you want Catadyne, we have room for that. Obviously there are provisions there for a Hazloc explosion-proof heater.

To convert this to a pipeline LACT unit, we see all the suction here, we take out the three-bag filter, put in the coriolis, the BS&W, the three-way valve. We can convert this to a LACT unit in less than three weeks 

(GRAPHIC: At a Glance – Full QA, 12 Month Warranty, Application Flexibility, ~75% of NEW)

#1887 – A 125HP Pump package. Available right away. In stock. Full QA. Full warranty. And it’s priced way better than new!

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