Surplus Water Injection & Water Disposal Pump Packages

Pump systems expertly prepared for far less than new and with available warranties. When it comes to pump packages, we’ve collectively built over 400 of them and we believe surplus should be explored first rather than buying new be the default option.

Refurbished designs by pump & fluid handling experts.

More cost effective than building pump packages new.

In-depth equipment documentation & information.

Available warranties offering you peace of mind.

Used Water Injection & Water Disposal Pump Packages and Systems

Located in Alberta, these in-stock surplus pump packages are ready to be rapidly redeployed. Each having in-depth verified information, refurbishments and available warranties. Lower your surplus decision risks with top quality information on trusted pump packages.

Used oilfield equipment shouldn’t be risky business for you.

Lower your decision risk with increased optics on surplus oil and gas equipment that has been verified by the experienced Crusader Joint Venture team – it’s a purchase to feel great about.

On-site documentation by technical experts

Exceptional detail of pertinent technical information

Digital cataloging & professional marketing

Comprehensive photographic cataloguing

Available 3D/360º virtual scans showing unparalleled detail

Care for Used Oilfield Equipment

Whether it’s thorough technical information, high-quality photos, 360º tours, refurbishments or optional warranties – we know that giving careful attention to details can move surplus oil and gas equipment from being neglected & idle, to being redeployed & producing new revenue.

Use the sliders below for a BEFORE & AFTER of a pump building refurbishment.

Can’t find the specific equipment you’re looking for?

Contact us to see if we can help you find the pump package or other oil & gas production/energy surplus equipment you’re looking for – we’d be glad to assist.

“Hey Kam, your customer just called me for reference. I know you know a lot about pump packages, but Lourne REALLY KNOWS. I told them if they want to get the job done quick and not get screwed, they need to work with you guys. No one knows pumps more!”

60HP LACT Pump Package Client

“I’ve worked all over the world designing electrical and control systems… often times on the same project as Lourne and I’ve never seen anyone with more knowledge on pump systems than him.”

Ryan Arsenault, President



Deploying Water Injection Pumps & Water Disposal Pump Across Canada, the United States & Internationally

We can handle turnkey pump package (surplus, used, new) deployment logistics across Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan), throughout Canada, the U.S.A. and internationally. We can leverage our network for transportation logistics or use vendors of your preference to make the process of mobilizing pump buildings as seamless and frictionless as possible.

Get Mobilizing

Contact us to get water disposal or water injection pump packages mobilized for you.