So we’ve never sold jet pump packages however, we’ve bought, refurbished, and converted them into traditional water injection/disposal packages. We’ve been contacted recently to help resell eight great new and only slightly used jet pump packages that are for sale in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Watch the full video of these awesome surplus jet pump packages that are for sale for way less than building new.

View the full jet pump package listings below:

150HP Jet Pump Package for Sale (Two buildings)

300HP Weatherford W300 Quintuplex Jet Pump Packages

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for a different jet pump package solution or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

Full Video Transcript



I’ve purchased jet pump package and converted them into traditional water injection packages and water disposal pump packages with charge pumps and filters. However, over the last two weeks we have been seemingly inundated with 8 jet pump packages that have come into our awareness.

Five 150HP jet pump packages and three 300HP jet pump packages.

Let’s start off by talking about the 150HP jet pump packages. Now there are five of these jet pump packages total – three are used less than two years and two of them are new, never used.

Each jet pump system is comprised of two skids. One skid has the 60” x 10’ Sour 675psi horizontal vessel and associated piping and that is designed to sit down beside the other jet pump skid – which is the Weatherford 150HP Weatherford W165 Triplex with the gearbox and the electric motor. And within that jet pump skid, is a separate room, but integrated in the same building, is the housed VFD, your main electrical disconnect and a few other electrical components.

Moving on to the second set of jet pump packages, these ones are 300HP. They were built in 2012 and they’re big buildings – they’re 40 feet long. And that’s because everything is contained on one jet pump skid. You walk in the door, you have the 60” x 675psi horizontal separator, you’ve got a Weatherford 300HP W300 Quintuplex Pump with an H fluid end that pumps up to 5000psi and motor & gear box. And again at the end of the jet pump skid, you’ve got the VFD control room, which houses your VFD, your main disconnect and the other electrical components.

So if you have a jet pump application, we have two pump skid sizes – 150HP and 300HP.

They are all located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada which makes it easy to inspect, which makes them easy to refit for your purpose and it makes it extremely easy to load up and transport to your final destination.

Now if you’re an oil and gas / oilfield equipment broker or reseller, and you have intel, or relationships with companies that are looking for jet pump applications – let’s work together to redeploy these new and used quality jet pump packages that are fantastically priced.

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