Just added to Crusader’s surplus oilfield equipment inventory, this great condition National Oilwell 300Q-5M pump package was in LACT service until 2016, at which point it was shut down. The pump package has no measurement systems as it was performed in a separate building on site. When it was shut down, the pump and stuffing box cradle were filled with oil for preserving (most of the crankcase oil slowly leaked out of the labyrinth seals on the crankshaft). We inspected both the main bearings and 3/5 rod bearings – all are in adequate condition to go back into service as is. Cross-head clearance is good at 0.012” on all five. Pony rods are not in the best condition and oil may leak past them and the seals. We pulled the suction & discharge valve out of #5 hole and noticed valves are spherical and are in great shape. The valve pots are in excellent condition as well. The pump package is currently located in Devon, Alberta, Canada.

With minimal effort, this LACT Pump Package unit will be ready to be redeployed!

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