Watch Kameron give a personally nostalgic backstory of these great and unique Negative Suction Pressure 95HP Screw Compressors.

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New / Never Used 95HP Caterpillar Vacuum Screw Compressor Packages CJV-U240

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Who knew I could be nostalgic about surplus oilfield equipment… step into my time machine.

It was a beautiful day back in 2006, when at the time for me, a monster sale came through to my inbox that I’d be working on for weeks, and even months.

Eight 95 horsepower Caterpillar screw compressors. The list of customizations on these screw compressor packages was immense. A blow case. A full air start system with 120-gallon tank. A waste oil tank built right into the crane rails, for a 95 HP compressor? Wow! Suction to discharge bypass. An inlet coalesces filter with removable elements on them. And the most comprehensive noise package we’d ever done at the time: it was your wall, then insulation, then we put gyprock in there to take out all the low decibel frequency sound, and then another layer of insulation, then the perforated layer – IT WAS AWESOME! 

Well, just this week I learned that three of these 95HP Caterpillar Vacuum Reciprocating Compressors have never been installed.

They are 15 years old now and they are in new / never used condition in a yard in West Central Alberta, Canada.

Originally designed for up to 100psi discharge, 0.5 MMCF per day and as low as negative 8 psi suction!

So why am I telling you about these obscure vacuum compressor packages? Because I can’t sit by and let these valuable screw compressor units to continue to go under-appreciated. 

The range and application for these are so small, but someone, somewhere, either needs these screw compressors or has intelligence on where these can be redeployed.

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