Used 1 MW / 1000 kW Generator



Just need this 1000 kW Waukesha / Kato generator AS-IS and you’ll do the rest? Purchase it as-is for $215,000 + taxes



Have this 1MW genset overhauled & in made-ready condition, plus delivery to an Albertan site for $428,000 + taxes

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1000 kW Generator Natural Gas Package at a Glance

Ready for prime or stand-by power, this Waukesha L7042GL powered package makes 1 MW / 1000 kW of power with only 34,000 hours on overhauled components. The engine has been preserved, features a 62 kW black-start generator and an air compressor system for a complete facility. It’s currently disconnected in a yard beside Alberta highway #22, which is high-load corridor for easier logistics.

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Components of the 1000 kW Generator Propak Package

Waukesha L7042GL

  • VHP, 12 cylinder
  • Rated 1472 HP – 1097 kW @ 1200 RPM
  • Rated Continuous Service
  • Fuel – Natural Gas

Propak Fin Tube Aerial Cooler Assembly

  • Jacket water section
  • After-cooler section
  • Belt Driven Fan from Engine

KATO 1000 kW Generator Assembly

  • 6P6-1900 1000Kw/1250 KVA
  • 277/480/3/60 VAC
  • 1504 Amps
  • Rated Continuous Service

Thompson MEC-20 Micro Controller Panel

  • Synchronous Generator/Engine Controller
  • Woodward Governor Control
  • Main Breaker
  • Engine Monitoring Annunciator

Kohler 60 kW Black Start Unit

  • Engine – John Deere 4045TF150C
  • Fuel – Diesel
  • Generator – Kohler 60REQZI
  • 62 kW
  • 277/480/3/60 Vac
  • 71 Amps

Optional: Eagle Instrument Air Compressor

  • Not included and can be optionally purchased for $15,000 OBO
  • Qty. 2 screw compressors
  • Qty. 2 TECO 20 HP, 480/3/60 VAC motors
  • 100 Gallon Storage tank
  • Automated air dryer assembly

Building & Skid

  • Length 40’
  • Width 20’
  • Height 22’
  • Weight 100,000 lbs.
  • Qty. 4 Lifting lugs on each side of the skid/building assembly.

Additional Cooler Dimensions

  • Width 20’
  • Length 10’
  • Height 12’
natural gas generator for sale in alberta canada - bitcoin mining operation

Natural Gas Generator For Sale in Alberta, Canada for Bitcoin & Data Mining

Looking for cheap natural gas power generation for a crypto-currency mining operation? Purchase this 1 MW / 1000 kW generator AS-IS, overhauled & READY-TO-START, or choose one of our fixed-cost turnkey solutions that can be delivered in 4-8 weeks for new power or retrofit power installs.

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1000 kW Generator Price & Quick Facts

AS-IS: $215,000 + taxes | OVERHAULED & MADE-READY: $428,000 + taxes


Field Ready and/or Minor Repair




Rocky Mountain House, AB





kW Rating

1000 kW Generator


Waukesha L7042GL 1472HP


Kato Engineering 1000kW Generator, 1250kVA, 60Hz, 3PH, 1200RPM, Continuous Duty, 277/480 Volts, 1504 Amps


Thompson Technology Engine Controller m/n:MEC20; 4-20mA engine mounted Woodward governor




40’ L x 20’ W x 15’6” eave H

1 MW / 1000 kW Generator Feature Sheet

Download this 1000 kW generator’s details as a PDF – with the option of an unbranded version to share with your network.

Unbranded Version

Highlights for 1 MW / 1000 kW Generator Redeployment

Whether you’re going to redeploy this 1000 kW generator in its AS-IS, READY-TO-START (with overhaul & repairs), or you’d like to take advantage of our turnkey fixed-cost solutions (new power or retrofit power) – we have the knowledge and expertise to get this package producing for your needs.

Engine – Engine has 34,000 hours on it since major overhaul. It requires a head swing and turbos. The full scope of work can be completed in one week prior to leaving yard with detailed pricing available on request. Engine has been preserved.

Electrical – The panel & complete electrical system has received a detailed inspection and scope of work required by DJA Electrical Services. Unit electrical requires $2700 worth of parts to be 100% operational and current.

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