We recently were up at the Inclusive Energy oilfield tank yards and took the opportunity to highlight their impressive used oil tank inventory – ranging from 100 BBL surplus oilfield tanks all the way up to 2000 BBL used oilfield tanks for sale in Alberta, Canada.

Have a watch as Kameron Anderson gives out to Inclusive Energy’s massive surplus oil field tank fleet.

Looking to BUY oilfield tanks?

Inclusive has a ton of purchasing options for oilfield tanks:

  • Outright purchase
  • Financing
  • Rent or rent to own
  • Defer payments
  • And more flexible oilfield tank options

Looking to SELL your surplus oil tanks?

Call the team at Inclusive Energy or visit their website today to find available oil tanks for sale.


(403) 444-6897

Additionally, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for a different surplus equipment solution or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

Full Video Transcript


When he sleeps at night he doesn’t count sheep, he counts oilfield tanks.

Legend has it he’s never seen a used oilfield tank he didn’t want to buy.

When he runs out of space for those surplus oilfield tanks, he buys more land.

No, not talking about these tanks – I’m talking oil field tanks and nobody has more in their fleet than Bilal Hydrie of Inclusive Energy in Alberta, Canada.

Almost 4,000 oil field tanks spread out across seven different locations, from 100 BBL barrel tanks, all the way up to 2,000 BBL barrel to round out is fully loaded arsenal.

So with close to 4,000 oil tanks available for sale in their fleet – where do they get all their buying power?

Well a quick backstory – they’re part of the Habib Group of Companies. It’s a family bank run business that operates in nine countries throughout the world. Here in Alberta, Canada, instead of charging service fees, they offer oil storage tanks as a service.

Need an example? This 400 BBL barrel tank right now if you were to build it new be close to $30,000. These tanks here $12,000 to $15,000. 

Not only that they offer a ton of acquisition options, they will finance, they will rent they will defer payments, they will take your other production equipment and wrap it all up into one low monthly fee.

Either way they’re incredibly flexible because they’re bankers first, not oilfield tankers first.


If you’re looking to sell your used tanks, call Bilal Hydrie at Inclusive Energy, because he will make an offer an any day of the week. 400 barrel BBL, 750 barrel BBL, 1000 barrel BBL, 2000 barrel BBL oilfield tanks.

Even look at this one 1,000 BBL barrel internally coated oil field tank – but it’s already sold. 

If you’re looking to buy oil storage tanks, you know where they are, and you know who to call.

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