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It’s hard to not notice this bright RED vessel – recently repainted and refurbished at Cape Manufacturing in Halkirk, Alberta.

Watch a quick video walkthrough of this superb 48” OD x 15’ 1440psi Sour 3 Phase Horizontal Separator Package. Just reconditioned, this package is ready for production, it can be adjusted to suit your additional requirements at Cape, and it is ready to go today.

Watch the video tour here:

Matterport 360º tour:

Equipment listing:

48” OD x 15’ 1440psi Sour 3 Phase Horizontal Separator Package CJV1881

Call, text or email me to discuss this high-quality surplus horizontal package. Looking for a different separator? Check out our surplus separator & vessels inventory.


Kameron Anderson
President & Founder, Crusader Joint Ventures

Full Video Transcript


Just hanging out on the 600 ANSI outlet flange of this 48” horizontal separator we just reconditioned.

Since you’re here I’d like to show you around – come with me.

Now the first thing you’ll notice about this package is how red it is. And thank God I was here on painting day, because at least I got us a grey floor here.

In any case, the nozzles on this separator are 8”: 8” inlet; 8” outlet. It comes out in through a 6” meter run, through a back pressure controller, Rosemount pressure transmitters.

The unit 3 phase, dressed 3 phase. All level control is done through the bridles. We got 2” lines for both phases coming through here. You can see that we got the components in place to install turbine flow meters on either phase if you want, complete with a bypass.

Speaking of the bypass, all the valves on this unit on this outside of a couple are W-K-M valves. Really high-quality valves, the rest are Neutron.

Now as far as the reconditioning of the package, overall, we UT’ed the vessel, we UT’ed all the piping. We refurbished the meter run. We function tested everything. Anything that needs to be recalibrated or rectified, such as the PSV up there, has been done.

The skid and the building on this are in really good shape. It’s 11’ x 22’, we got a basic sump for floor washing, as well as electrical interior and interior lights, ESD button. We got a pull bar skid down here for easy loading. And everything, transmitters and electrical, is all wired to the junction boxes there.

So in conclusion, we have got a 48” x 16’ 1400 PSI full sour, 3 phase separator ready to go today.

[END OF VIDEO – 2:45]