Isn’t it great when things go to plan?! This one came out of the blue. A random new customer. A bunch of equipment for a remote project. And trusted partners who could help deliver. Watch Kameron Anderson give the run down on this great project.

Grateful for the crew at Midstream Equipment just outside of Strathmore, Alberta, who put new life into this 400HP compressor via a compressor retrofit and refurbishment. This 400HP compressor package is now on a big trek way up north to Alaska 🐻

Definitely grateful for the creativity of using surplus energy equipment in this nutty supply chain world.

Highlights of this used 400HP CAT 3408 Compressor Retrofit & Refurbish include:

  • Exterior and interior paint on the oilfield building and compressor and piping
  • Swapped out the natural gas Caterpillar 3408 engine to a 400HP electric WEG motor
  • Zero-houred the Gemini H302 three stage compressor
  • Recertified all the PSV’s
  • All valves and instrumentation has been function tested and or replaced
  • Piping has been UT’d
  • Electrified the cooler with a new electric WEG motor
  • New murphy annunciator control panel

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for a different compressor solution or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

Full Video Transcript


Out here today just west of Strathmore, Alberta, Canada, on highway 2 doing a final checkout on a surplus/used oilfield compressor package that’s about to head down the road. But, before I do that, I want to share that this deal was wild.

I was sitting at my desk at Crusader Joint Ventures a guy calls me up and
says, “hey I got a remote project I need a bunch of used oil and gas equipment for, can you help me procure it for me”.

I say, “Sure come down to my office.”

A couple days later says look here’s the list of surplus oilfield equipment I need… I’m only gonna use Crusader Joint Ventures and Fuelled for everything.

One of those pieces of used energy equipment was this surplus CAT Caterpillar 3408 three-stage compressor that needed complete refurbishment.

A few days after I deliver them quote, then we’re in this Midstream Equipment yard he commits to it on the spot with a
fifty percent deposit and for five week delivery.

Five weeks later… here we are. Delivered on time. Midstream Equipment did a great job on this compressor. They completed the work and it just had its final paint job, but I’d really like to show you what happened inside the compressor package.

Right off the bat you’ll notice the cat is out of the bag. It’s no longer a Caterpillar 3408 natural gas engine it’s a 400 horsepower WEG electric motor and it’s driving this a Gemini H302, a completely zero-houred three-stage compressor.

We’ve recertified all the PSV’,s all the instrumentation and valves have been function tested and or replaced. The compressor’s piping has all been UT’ed we’ve got a new Murphy enunciator panel in this, along with electrifying the compressor’s cooler with another WEG electric motor.

And to boot, the entire compressor package has got a fresh paint job, which everybody loves.

Finally finished going through 400 horsepower compressor package and as expected, everything is as quoted and as promised.

Now we’re going to call Lorraine get her to release the final payment to this compressor unit can start its perilous journey north. Eight hours north of Anchorage, 55 hours north from this very spot.

It’s been a great project, for a great customer, and using great partners like Midstream Equipment / Compression who did an amazing job.

Also want to shout out to Fuelled who delivered these guys, the same client, a 1000 AMP
MCC building.

If you would also like to avoid the entire nuttiness of the global supply chain in oilfield equipment, reach out to me send me your oil and gas equipment list, or just show up with fifty-percent deposit to my office… that works too!

[END OF VIDEO – 2:40]