SAME-DAY or NEXT-DAY shipping for a NEW 200HP PUMP? it’s an AMAZON-like experience that’s probably not on Bezos’ radar, however for one lucky customer, we can do it.

This new/never-used injection/disposal pump is currently configured with 150HP electric motor (can be upgraded to 200HP), offering 750 m3/d flow at 600#, including a charge pump, stainless steel filter, air compressor and a full suite of electrical. Backed by the world-class level of pump expertise of Lourne Anderson, Kameron Anderson, and the Crusader team. However, once this surplus gets nabbed up, it’s back to long lead build times for this kind of spec.

Conveniently located at PACE Transportation Plus in Nisku, AB. Available… NOW⏱️

Listing: 200HP National 200T-5L Triplex Injection / Disposal Pump CJV-1991

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for a different pump solution or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

Full Video Transcript


It’s a dirty day down in Edmonton today

and uh no that’s not a slight to our

Northern neighbors it’s cuz this package

is filthy but I’m excited to bring it to

you cuz it’s been 5 years since I first

laid eyes on this unit and we are

finally able to pluck it from obscurity

and bring it to the market it’s a 200

horsepower water injection skid complete

with filters charge pumps a full suite

of electrical and

instrumentation best of all it’s

available right



well we’re back inside where it’s nice

and clean and nothing says clean like

white shoes and a sump in a pump

building complete with the level switch

we got a national 200 horsepower L fluid

end pump being driven by 150 horsepower

electric motor which we can switch out

if you need the full 200

horsepower on the process side we got 6

and 8 in 150 ANSI suction line it’s going

through a 15 horsepower charge pump into

a five bag stainless steel filter it is

a suet service package we come through

the discharge line where we’ve got a

flow meter a startup bypass system full

Suite of electrical fans lights

receptacles plugins candyne heaters we

got an air compressor right here to

actuate that startup bypass system and

as noted all sorts of instrumentations

we got transmitters everywhere for

everything thing it was originally built

a husky spec there’s not another package

like this on the market right now and

it’s available for rental or purchase we

have the full QC package for it and all

the drawings plus all the experience of

Crusader to help implement this into

your project reach out to us today let’s

get this working for you.


it’s a dirty day in