Never been hit by corporate ransomware💰 but one of our deals felt like a hostage situation 😅 was recently onsite for pre-shipment logistics on a Solar Titan T250 turbine our customer bought, and in retrospect… this deal was wild! Trust is vital for surplus equipment redeployment, and it’s definitely the vibe we are committed to as we grow in the global equipment space.

Watch the onsite video of this surplus turbine redeployment below…

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Full Video Transcript


Hello, my name is Kameron Anderson.

Today’s date in February 16th.

I’ve have plenty of food and water.

They are treating me well.

Please send wire transfer details so we can be released.


No, I’m not actually kidnapped, but this deal had some pretty ransom’y vibes to it which I will get to in a little bit.

We are down here in southeast Calgary, Alberta, Canada, getting some finishing touches today on this equipment.

We had to get some turbine measurements for the freight forwarder and doing some stencil work because we are about to this this: a never-used surplus Solar Titan T250 Turbine Natural Gas Package complete with its 38 associated boxes of supporting equipment.

Now this deal took over 18 months, with both highs and lows.

We’ve been to this storage tent no less than a dozen times getting additional details on the turbine package and whatnot.

At one point, we even had to get a proof-of-life video with today’s newspaper, because still to this date, it this Titan 250 turbine package was purchased site-unseen.

Talk about confidence.

And speaking of confidence, we live in a worldwide energy market that demand big power generation and big industrial surplus equipment – all over the place.

Our job is to lower buyer risk and increase trust in surplus equipment solutions.

How do we do that?

We do that through our trusted partners and subject matter experts, and those who are associated who support our energy and power generation solutions.

And, the fact that we actually care that you get the right surplus energy and power equipment for your projects.

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[END OF VIDEO – 1:26]