Inviting ourselves to the party?! NEVER… well maybe yes if that party is Kameron Anderson giving a DIY tour of SABRE ⚡️😂 Sorry Rich Baker. However, we did make ourselves somewhat useful by dropping off some high-voltage parts for the 7.5 MW power project your team is helping put together for Crusader.

Thanks to the whole crew at Sabre for letting us make ourselves at home.

Sabre has been an integral electrical partner for us for 7500 kW natural gas fired power plant powering a crypto setup in Alberta, Canada. They’ve been instrumental in providing electrical engineering, electrical installation, fabricating an MCC seacan, supplying various electrical materials, and much more.

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This is kind of weird just walking through the shop alone.

But, it looks like we own the place too.

I like it, we go where we want.


Down here in southeast Calgary, Alberta, Canada at Sabre. Now Sabre Instrument Services Ltd. has been in Calgary since 1985.

In 2021, a friend of mine, Rich Baker, lead the merger and acquisition. Since then, they have dramatically increased their electrical manufacturing capabilities, they’ve added a high voltage division, and dramatically expanded their field installation services.

Crusader recently partnered with Sabre and they are supplying a bunch of gear, doing all the installation on a 7.5 MW natural gas-fired power station we are building. We had to drop off some parts today, so we thought we might as well take a tour of their plant.


Sabre is a leading integrator of industrial control systems and process analyzer systems.

Founded in 1985, Sabre Instrument Services Ltd. merged with Static Energy Services Inc. in 2021.

This merger added custom switchgear manufacturing, plus high voltage and electrical & instrumentation field services to their capabilities.


I feel like we just brushed the surface at Sabre’s facility.

Self-guided too, by the way, well because I just invited myself.

Rich Baker is on a plane somewhere, and maybe we do a tour of Sabre again in the future.

As you can see there are a lot of cool things happening here at Sabre.

Another great day at Sabre.

[END OF VIDEO – 1:35]