Back in action – another piece of used oil and gas equipment redeployed! What’s more exciting than the sale, is the story behind it… watch as Kameron gives a recap of the pump package project.

The last time we were up at CAPE Manufacturing Ltd. we were touring this 200HP Sour Dual Pump Injection Package with 800Amp MCC that was available for sale… check out the original tour here:

It has since sold to a great customer who will be using it for years to come in a water waste disposal site near Rimbey, Alberta.

A big thanks to Fuelled Inc. in Calgary, PACE Oilfield Hauling in Nisku, CAPE Manufacturing Ltd. in Halkirk, and our resident pump experts, Lourne Anderson and Mike Burghardt. All who helped make this redeployment go strong – getting this piece of equipment back creating a lot of value, for a lot of people.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for a different pump package solution or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

Full Video Transcript


Project #104 – we have now sold this pump skid system and we’re getting it prepped out for the customer. It’s go two Weatherford W130 pumps in it. Today Mike Burghardt and Lourne Anderson are going through the pumps.

We’ve offered a one year warranty on these pump packages, even through it’s a used package. So Mike and Lourne are going to go through the packages, that way we know it’s good. They’re putting in new pump valves, pump plungers and pump stuffing boxes – that kind if thing.

So if you remember from last time this area of the pump package is empty and it’s still empty. But we now have a plan for it – we’re putting in a Grundfos charge pump right up to two stainless steel four-bag pump filters. We’ll get them all manifold together.

And yeah, she’s going to a beauty – she’s going to be a beauty.

Oh, it’s only going to be a week and half from now that used pump package gets completely redeployed.

We’re just finishing up on the pumps inside there, the piping is all hydro tested inside of CAPE Manufacturing Ltd.’s facility over there. And yea, it’s getting ready to go.

Thanks to Fuelled Inc. – if it wasn’t for Fuelled and us, this pump package would still be buried in the forest. But, we took it out of there and was able to deliver it to our customer at about sixty percent of new price. All said and done, it is practically new. It’s going to a waste water disposal site out near Rimbey, Alberta and it’s going to work for them for a long time.

Thanks to PACE Oilfield Hauling for hauling it out there.

Thanks to CAPE Manufacturing Ltd. for doing all the work on it, in terms of piping and the assembly of this pump system.

Thanks to Lourne Anderson and Mike Burghart who are the only guys we want working on the pump.

And another great surplus pump package redeployed.

[END OF VIDEO – 2:07]