We’re excited to share 30+ oil transfer pump packages / water transfer pump packages that are very undervalued & very versatile. In fact, a customer of ours picked up 4 of these the other week only needing them as buildings and they were pleasantly surprised to get so much extra value with instrumentation & more!

Some high-level points of these surplus oil transfer / water transfer pump packages for sale:

  • Over 30 units available
  • Located in Lloydminster
  • Transferring 1-100 m3/d of volume
  • Up to 360PSI
  • 3 Sizes of pumps
  • Housed, skidded & wired
  • ~$12k to $22k each – price varies primarily by overall visual condition and size of the pump installed

In the soon-to-be-launched listing, we’ll guide you through more specifics (specifications, photos, 360º Matterport & video walkthrough) and additional opportunities for redeployment.

You’re not going to want to miss checking out these packages and definitely will not want to buy new considering these excellent surplus options.

Stay tuned for CJV1923’s full listing or contact us for details in the meantime.

Connect with me to discuss these undervalued & versatile pump packages or let me know if I can help you out with finding any other pump packages for your application.


Kameron Anderson
President & Founder, Crusader Joint Ventures