Watch below as Kameron Anderson, Crusader Joint Ventures President & Founder, overviews this great and well priced used full sour electric reciprocating compressor (450-500psi range) that is available for sale in Calgary, Alberta. 

The retro started in 2014 includes:

  • New vessels
  • New piping
  • New bottles
  • New panel
  • New spare 700HP motor
  • Zero-soured compressor

There are a few more things to be completed before redeployment including:

  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • And some other smaller completions

We’d be happy to assist with reviewing your application and the finer details around completing and redeploying this great package.

Check out the full listing at which includes:

  • More in-depth information
  • Sample performance
  • Photos
  • 360º Matterport virtual tour
  • Feature sheets
  • Drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • And more

Contact us if you’d like to discuss this great surplus sour reciprocating compressor opportunity or any other quality used oilfield equipment you require.

Full Video Transcript


I’d like to take you down to South Calgary and introduce you to CJV1925. It’s a 800HP, full sour 22%, electric, reciprocating compressor.

Now if you think this paint is fresh, check out the inside because it’s practically all brand new. New vessels, new piping, new bottles, new panel, new motor and a zero-soured compressor that loves to put away gas in that 450psi to 500psi range.

Now there are some things that need to be done before this unit is ready to be redeployed. Luckily, we’re all dealing with new equipment here so we’re not trying to retrofit and play around with used stuff. And really is the last 15% – it’s the electrical, it’s the instrumentation and the small stuff that needs to get completed.

You can get all the details on this unit at You can also reach out to us for us to help size the unit for you application and also walk through the BOM and the list of what needs to be completed and compare it against the list of what your application will require. Either way, reach out to us, call us today.

[END OF VIDEO – 1:35]