We were recently in Taber, Alberta Canada touring some oil well batteries with Earl Mills and had a blast from the past – discovering not only one, but two of Kameron Anderson’s dad’s oilfield product designs.

Watch to get the lowdown on the Swing Clear Safety Guard® and a 2003 build of a water injection / water disposal pump package design by Lourne Anderson and the L.O.P. (Lourne Oilfield Products) Omnitech Inc. team.

Stay tuned as we will be listing additional equipment we documented in our oil battery tours in the Taber area including:

  • Used 300HP multi-stage centrifugal pumps
  • Used 150HP positive displacement pump
  • Used VRU’s / Vapour Recovery Units
  • Used 8′ x 30′ x 75psi FKWO Free Water Knockouts
  • Used 8′ x 30′ oil treater
  • Used storage tanks
  • Used office Buildings
  • And more used & surplus oilfield, oil & gas, and energy equipment for sale in Alberta, Canada

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for a different multi-stage pump, PD pump, VRU, FWKO, oil treater, oil storage tanks, surplus oilfield buildings, or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

Full Video Transcript


Well, look at what we have here, we have the SWING CLEAR SAFETY GUARD.

Instead of having to pull off these heavy pump jack fly wheel guards this way, no, just try the Swing Clear Safety Guard available for the pump jack engine C66, pump jack C96 engine, and pump jack C106 engine. These are available in both orange and grey and are built, designed and invented by none other than my dad, Lourne Anderson, L.O.P Omnitech, Lourne Oil Products.

I probably put all the hardware on there when I was working for him for ungodly hours for slave-ish wages back in the mid-90s.

We’re out here in Taber, Alberta Canada today, looking at some oil well batteries that Earl Mills of Taber Alberta is taking down.

We’re looking at some used FWKO / Free Water Knock Outs and some surplus pump packages.

Earl Mills takes us back to his yard here, we see this Swing Clear Safety Guard and not 20 feet away we have another pump package, built by my dad, Lourne Anderson in 2003.

It’s a used D35 hyra cell pump package. If you have a water injection application or a water disposal application with low discharge pressure on the cheap, this is the pump package for you.

I don’t know the exact size of the motor because the name plate is being covered by a junction box. But, they have a 1” turbine meter, a single back filter, and a D35 hydra cell with the classic red belt guard.

Anytime you see a pump package with a red belt guard, chances are was my dad, Lourne Anderson’s, pump system / pump skid design.

But that’s not the only used pump package we saw today, we saw two 300HP multi-stage centrifugal pump packages, one 150HP positive displacement pump package coming down the line and a couple free water knock outs / FWKO’s – watch for those surplus oilfield equipment pieces that will become available for sale soon.

But if you’re looking to do a 35 gallon per minute pump application, this pump package is a fantastic option – on the cheap! Milegro Energy Ltd. in 2003 thought so… great work Dad!

[END OF VIDEO – 2:12]