EQUIPMENT UPDATE: Note that since this post was originally created, these units have been REDEPLOYED. If you are looking for a similar specification to this unit, please contact us


Yes, we’re giving away 4 never-used 10HP VRU compressors 👉 Watch Kameron give the scoop or read below how to easily get them…

Why?? 🤷🏻

We originally obtained these vapour recovery units as part of some buildings we purchased that were perfect candidates for injection pumps. Two of those are now available:

60HP Injection Pump

125HP Injection Pump

Since we’ve already captured value in converting those VRU buildings into pumps, these VRU’s have been sitting idle and we figured a fast way to redeploy them was to give them away.

Never-used and operate ~ 2psi suction & 50psi discharge @ 35 mcdf/day / 10psi-130psi @ 53 mcf/day

The Catch? 🤔

None. All you do is:

⏱ Schedule a time

🚛 Bring your truck & load them at Rhino Energy Services Alberta

✅ And they’re yours!

Let’s redeploy these somewhere they could be used! We’re not going to be all selective on who gets these, but priority is given to those who have an application or will have it running soon. We don’t want these to just go to sit in another yard for years!

Please share & let someone know.

Brokers & resellers, compressor companies, O&G engineering firms… could any of your customers use these?

👉 Learn more about these free VRU compressors at: