The “Decommissioned Seven” 🤠 & ”Vintage Bullets” 🕺 No these aren’t Netflix recommendations 🚫 it’s IronHub New Listing Lowdown episode 2 with host Kameron Anderson. 

In this continued collaboration between Crusader and IronHub, we highlight a big decommissioning initiative happening right now spanning from Three Hills all the way to Rocky Mountain House Alberta, two giant 144′ x 70′ treaters, some bullets that were just added to their marketplace, and more.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss, if you’re looking for different gas processing equipment, treaters, LPG bullets, or you’re looking for other used oil and gas or oilfield equipment for sale.

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In today’s IronHub New Listing Lowdown, we’ve got for you…

  • We’ve got two HUGE TREATERS
  • We’ve got VINTAGE BULLETS we want to show you
  • I want to talk about the TIP OF THE ICEBERG FACTOR
  • As well as our weekly RAPID RUNDOWN of surplus equipment listings

All around Alberta, Canada, there is plenty of oil and gas decommissioning projects happening right now. I want to bring to your attention see gas plants being shut down all the way from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, to Three Hills, Alberta. 

We’ve been to one of these gas plant sites recently out by Rimbey, Alberta, where we recently sold about 6 MW / 6000 kW of power generation, and walking through the gas plant site is really like going into a time capsule of the oilfield in the sixties and seventies.

One building out there is half the size of a football field with only two reciprocating compressors inside. The engines on these things are 15 feet high and 20 feet long – they’re big stuff.

Now, this surplus gas equipment is coming to the market for the very first time. Seven plants, two of the gas plants haven’t even been uploaded to IronHub and the other 5 gas plants more surplus gas equipment is coming online all the time.

For buyers, brokers and resellers – yes there is a lot of obsolete gas processing equipment but, these gas plants ran up until the last year or two so there is still a lot of current equipment that has been upgraded and whatnot throughout the life of the gas plant.

We’ve got…


…and too much to mention, so please reach out to the IronHub team to get insight on all the used gas plant equipment.

Next up we have two brand new oil treaters. Check these beauties out – two 12’ x 70’ Natco built electrostatic treaters. Originally built for CNRL and they were destined for a location, but somewhere along the line the truck pulled off the road halfway there and they sold the treaters to another company. Now the treaters sit in a yard ever since in new never-used condition.

They are pristine! Loaded up we’ve got…

  • 9MM BTU

The fact that these treaters are new / never used and available for immediate delivery is attractive enough. But what makes this surplus treater sale a no-brainer is simply, the price.

How much are we talking about for these treaters? Well one guy I know offered them ten cents on the dollars for these new treaters and it was promptly rejected – don’t be that guy.

But I’m told fifty percent of the new price, which is one a half million and it can be yours.

Just in we’ve got some vintage LPG bullets, and we all know that used bullets age so well. Do you need a bullet? Well of course you do! Well, I just checked IronHub’s internal listings and they have 53 bullets ranging from 10,000 to 110,000 gallons.

Which leads me to my next point, the IronHub “Tip of the Iceberg” factor. So what do I mean by that… well if you went to the IronHub surplus equipment marketplace right now you would see that there are 16 LPG bullets for sale, but I just said there are 53 bullets?

Well on a larger scale there are 30,000 pieces of surplus oilfield, oil & gas, energy equipment listings and only 2200 of those pieces of equipment are forward-facing.

Why is that? Well, some oil and gas companies have not met the standard of information for their oilfield equipment listings to be forward-facing. Some oilfield companies have it for internal use. And some energy companies have surplus, used and new equipment on hold for various sale reasons or other things happening with their company.

The point being is to reach out to the IronHub team, tell them what oilfield, oil and gas, energy equipment you are looking for so they can backcheck all the equipment listings in their marketplace to find a surplus solution for you and see if a connection can be made.

Now for our rapid rundown of new oilfield equipment listings. We’ve got…

  • 4 VFD UNITS 
  • 5 TANKS

If you have any equipment inquiries please reach out to the IronHub team, and if you know anyone who needs any of the oil and gas / energy equipment mentioned, please share this video.

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