Watch as Kameron Anderson, Crusader Joint Ventures’ founder, gives a quick tour of CryptoTherm – builders of advanced cooling and thermal heat exchange systems for crypto and data mining applications.

CryptoTherm Immersion Mining Containers Tour

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Here we are in a non-descript northeast industrial park in Calgary Alberta Canada. We got invited down here to CryptoTherm Manufacturing Inc. today, with our interest in cryptocurrency mining, behind the fence power generation, and natural gas generators… and they invited us to come check out their operation.

Now you’d never know it, but behind these doors is nerded-out crypto magic – let’s take a look!


CryptoTherm manufactures immersion pods and containers for bitcoin miners and data centres.

Crypto / BTC mining units are submerged into a non-conductive dielectric fluid to dissipate heat ~1600x more effectively than air-cooled setups.

CryptoTherm began with an immersion pod that utilizes excess heat for heating pools or various thermal integrations.

Their individual immersion pods spun into industrial-grade containers capable of holding 14 tanks – cooling up to 250 data / bitcoin miners.

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