As part of IronHub’s used oil and gas equipment listing emails, Crusader Joint Ventures is happy to share a new collaboration and video series called the New Listing Lowdown. Tune in to watch our first episode with host Kameron Anderson, Founder & President of Crusader Joint Ventures, as he highlights interesting surplus oilfield equipment that has been recently added to the IronHub marketplace.

In this episode we highlight…

Zama Decommissioned Oil & Gas Equipment for Sale in Zama City Alberta!!KE6OPbA/listings

Monster Power

IH-19262 – 30,000HP Solar Turbines Titan 250 Axial Compressor Package!!gCX5duQ

Big Power

IH-10440 – 86.5 MW GE Turbine Generator Package!!gCX5duQ

Little Power

IH-10519- 40 kW Nissan 6 Cylinder Diesel Generator Package

IH-26048 – 45 kW ISUZU ISUZU 4JJ1T Diesel Generator Package

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Full Video Transcript


Welcome to IronHub’s NEW LISTING LOWDOWN.

In this episode we’ve got…

  • Zama City Oil and Gas Equipment Decommissioning Initiative
  • A Monster Compressor For Sale
  • Big Power & Generator
  • Small Power & Generator
  • The Rapid Rundown of Used / Surplus Oilfield Equipment Listings

I’m Kameron Anderson, Founder of Crusader Joint Ventures. I’ve been in the surplus oil and gas equipment business since 2006 and have always believed that the oil and gas industry has to do a much better job at cleaning up after itself.

For example, 16” separator will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of revenue during the lifetime of its production usage, however when it goes offline, often it just sits there for years and years until that surplus equipment actually becomes a cost to the owner.

IronHub has done a fantastic job building out a full-cycle oilfield equipment materials management solution and I’ve been a participant for a while now.

I’m a big believer in collaborative business. The more we work together, the more opportunity we uncover – and that’s always much more fun.

Now let’s get into today’s used and surplus energy equipment highlights.

Starting out with Zama City, Alberta.

Now, I know it’s only a short 12 hour drive from Calgary and there’s a lot of barriers to get surplus oilfield production equipment out of there. Let me just say that one, the owner also knows this and they’ve priced the oilfield equipment that’s for sale accordingly. And number two, there’s no logistics for you. Just bring your oilfield hauling truck up there, load up the equipment and all disconnection and loading of the oil & gas equipment will be handled by them.

We’ve recently moved a large horizontal separator from Zama City and it cost $13,000 from there all the way up to CAPE Manufacturing Ltd. in Halkirk, Alberta.

A few highlights of energy production equipment that’s for sale in this area are:

  • 60+ Pumpjacks for Sale from the 228 all the way up to the 912 range
  • Two Dozen 300HP to 200HP Electric Driven & Natural Gas Driven Compressors for Sale
    50+ Separators for Sale
  • Plus More Surplus Equipment for Sale Being Added to the IronHub Marketplace Every Week

Next up a monster compressor for sale sitting right now in Calgary, Alberta, in a heated warehouse. It’s a 30,000HO turbine driven axial compressor package. It was designed for sales gas, so the operating parameters are fairly small on this. However, there’s a motivated seller offering a seven-figure, multiple seven-figure discount on this natural gas turbine driven axial compressor package. This easily justifies this compressor package alone as power generation / to exclusively use the turbine generator.

Speaking of power generation, we’ve got more big power.

This large used generator for sale in Alberta might be the worst kept secret to all you bitcoin miner / operations out there. It’s a 86.5MW General Electric Turbine Powered Natural Gas Generator. There’s two of these 86.5MW generators actually, one’s not for sale but it is setup close to this one in Alberta which allows you to see how the generator is setup. The second generator is for sale sitting in a heated warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta Canada – crated up ready to be setup for power generation domestically or be shipped internationally. The price is a fraction of what would be spent on buying a turbine generator new and don’t even get me started on how much time you would save  in delivering this 86.5MW GE generator.

Now that we’ve talked about big power, there’s also been some small power added to the IronHub marketplace too.

For instance, one used 40kW diesel generator for sale and one 45kW diesel generator for sale. Perhaps there’s a small oil and gas operator or a generator rental company that could take advantage of these smaller power generation options.

But if 40kW generators are too small and a 86.5MW generator is way too big – there’s a whole goldilocks range in the middle that might be just right for you. You can check out all used and surplus generator’s that are for sale on the IronHub marketplace.

Lastly, the rapid rundown of new oilfield equipment listings added in the last couple of weeks. We’ve got…

  • 2 Metering Packages
  • 20 Oilfield Tanks
  • Line Heater
  • Dehy / Dehydrator
  • Free Water KO / Knockout
  • 3 Pump Jacks
  • 3 Pumps Packages
  • 13 Horizontal Separators & Vertical Separators
  • 6 Compressors
  • 2 Generators
  • 2 Oil Heaters
  • MCC Buildings
  • 4 Misc Buildings 
  • And More Surplus Energy Equipment

Please reach out to the IronHub team with any equipment inquiries you have and if know somebody looking for any of this oil and gas equipment, please share this video.

This has been the New Listing Lowdown.

[END OF VIDEO – 04:09]