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If you’re an oilfield equipment broker and want to add a legitimate and an easy-access revenue stream to your income business, then please read on…

You may sell compressors, separators, tanks and pumpjacks, but how many water injection pump packages or water disposal pump packages have you sold?

If you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a quick 100,000 foot view…

Water Injection is where water is injected into the formation, usually to increase pressure and thereby stimulate the production of the well.

Water Disposal is where waste water from oil production is pumped back into a formation. Many companies like Secure Energy or Tervita operate these disposal sites to serve oil companies throughout the industry.

In both of these applications, clients can utilize a Positive Displacement Plunger pump, usually driven by an electric motor, housed in a sturdy skid and building complete with piping, valves, instrumentation, charge pump(s) to draw from tanks and keep pressure high through the also included water filter.

We carefully curate a lineup of stock water disposal and water injection pump packages that cover a lot of range in terms of pressure and flow rate requirements (30-300HP).

Then we equip you with your own branded comprehensive feature sheet including detailed specifications, great pictures, curves, and even 3D virtual tours. And because we’ve done all the upfront work, you can quote this within minutes.

Priced to Win: When you add it all up, you may find cheaper pumps than ours, and some companies go cheeeeap so not much you can do, but you won’t find a better one for less money. Generally, we price between 50-75% of new price.

Everything in our stock will always come with some sort of warranty. Most of the packages are 12 months which is the same as your buyer would get by buying new.

So now you have a product, all your marketing materials, upfront pricing, now all you have to do is to engage your close network in your own way.

You’ve probably seen us on IronHub or Armouree or on our web, and so you think that everyone knows about these. Well YOU have a tight network of customers, and some may know of it, but if you’re like me, the best clients don’t even look, they just call me and we deliver the options to them.

You of course market your own surplus oilfield equipment and with that, you have unique relationships that we don’t. Oil companies, engineering firms, operators, even neighbours… people within your own network that rely on and buy surplus oilfield equipment.

Obviously, these aren’t exclusive pieces to you as a broker, but if someone in your circle has an application, we’ll work with you to close the deal, and not spend one second thinking of how to go around direct. Trust me when I say that I prefer to work with brokers on deals. Brokers are more fun and business flows easier.

Regarding sale procedure, our method is straight-forward. If you quote a pump and tell me who the customer is, then he’s your customer for that deal. If you want a ROFR on the pump, you can have it for 4-8 business days and any offers received must be matched or relinquished within 3 business days.

So how else can we help you get started selling this product line?

If you are new to the industry or just don’t know how these work, let us take you through a 20-minute Zoom call and we’ll tell you the design work that goes into it, along with the best practices and other points that are value add to your client.

If you have a customer that has a surplus water injection or water disposal pump package, we can quickly work out a straight-forward Joint Venture between us to inspect, document, and feature sheet creation.

Be sure to call us to get your branded feature sheets.

There is not a water injection or disposal application that we can’t create a good solution for, so let’s work together.

Please call me with any questions or ideas that you have.


Kameron Anderson
Owner & President, Crusader Joint Ventures

P.S. – We’ve designed, fabricated, refurbished & sold surplus totaling over 400 pump packages and are here to support you with deep information, materials, and consulting to support your pump package sales.