1 MW of Power, 1 Fixed Price, 1 Month & GO!

1 MW Generator New Power Turnkey Solution

Objective: Crusader Joint Ventures will supply, deliver, fully install, and commission a 1 MW Waukesha 7042GL natural gas powered complete prime power generation system for sites that do not have on-grid power and require off-grid supply.

Costing: Project will be executed with total cost certainty rolled into one up-front fixed price of $568,000 + taxes (capital lease and rent-to-own available). Everything is included in the one price (see Project Scope); from the cost of the generator, site work and all the way through to commissioning.

Project Timeline: 4-6 Weeks from today. See schedule

Cost Comparison at a Glance

Current Energy Costs

Post-installation Operating Costs

Estimated Total Annual Savings

Prices as of October 2020. See Cost Comparison Description for disclaimer, summary and assumptions.

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New Power Project Scope

1. 1 MW Gas drive Generator system as outlined in the technical description:

a. Includes head swing and accessory component exchange

b. External cooler and muffler/stand assembly

c. Diesel day tank for black start generator

d. Piles for 2 modules and utility rack

e. All interconnecting piping, supports, stairways etc.

f. All fluids for lube oil and cooling system

g. All synchronization panel up grades

h. Electrical I/O device

2. Project management includes:

a. Engineering, Design for the Installation of the generator package, cooler, fuel gas supply system and accessories.

i. Civil engineering for any required site work upgrades to meet all applicable codes regulations and pile design on the current lease.

ii. Health and Safety Regulations/Compliance integrated into the overall construction plan

iii. Applicable documentation includes:

1. All required Civil, Mechanical and Electrical drawings and revisions

2. ITP and QC Manual for all Welding and Electrical

3. Health and Safety Records as applicable to project

4. Parts and Service Manuals for all Installed equipment

b. Construction management includes:

i. Site work, earth moving

ii. Piles, Cable racks/supports installation

iii. Fuel Gas supply lines installation

iv. Moving equipment to site (within 500kms of Rocky Mountain House included)

v. Cranes for setting equipment on site

vi. Electrical contractor scope of work

vii. Power provider scope of work (ex: Fortes)

viii. All construction activities compliant with Health and Safety

c. Commissioning includes:

i. Prime mover startup, tuning and adjustments to manufacturer specifications

ii. Synchronizing panel in generator building programmed as per the application

iii. Training for end user operations

3. Project team includes:

a. Engineers for both Civil and Electrical are AB certified professional engineers

b. Trades are all Oil and Gas Facility construction-based companies compliant with current Health and Safety standards and Work processes

c. Onsite management to include:

i. Construction manager

ii. Health and Safety manager

iii. End User supplied on site Inspector

Mobilization Partners

Site Prep & Installation

Generator / Panel / Programming


Waukesha OEM

Abbreviated Technical Specifications

Waukesha L7024GL

  • VHP, 12 cylinder
  • Rated 1472 HP – 1097 kW @ 1200 RPM
  • Rated Continuous Service
  • Fuel – Natural Gas

Propak Fin Tube Aerial Cooler Assembly

  • Jacket water section
  • After-cooler section
  • Belt Driven Fan from Engine

KATO 1000 kW Generator Assembly

  • 6P6-1900 1000Kw/1250 KVA
  • 277/480/3/60 VAC
  • 1504 Amps
  • Rated Continuous Service

Thompson MEC-20 Micro Controller Panel

  • Synchronous Generator/Engine Controller
  • Woodward Governor Control
  • Main Breaker
  • Engine Monitoring Annunciator

Kohler 60 kW Black Start Unit

  • Engine – John Deere 4045TF150C
  • Fuel – Diesel
  • Generator – Kohler 60REQZI
  • 62 kW
  • 277/480/3/60 Vac
  • 71 Amps

Eagle Instrument Air Compressor

  • Qty. 2 screw compressors
  • Qty. 2 TECO 20 HP, 480/3/60 VAC motors
  • 100 Gallon Storage tank
  • Automated air dryer assembly

Building & Skid

  • Length 40’
  • Width 20’
  • Height 22’
  • Weight 100,000 lbs.
  • Qty. 4 Lifting lugs on each side of the skid/building assembly.

Additional Cooler Dimensions

  • Width 20’
  • Length 10’
  • Height 12’

1 MW / 1000 kW Generator Feature Sheet

Download this 1000 kW generator’s details as a PDF – with the option of an unbranded version to share with your network.

Unbranded Version

Photos & 360º Tour


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Cost Comparison Description:


Information on future forecasts, where given, cannot be certain to come to fruition due to the unpredictable nature of commodity markets.


A one megawatt (MW) generator running 24 hours a day all year will generate 8,760 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity in a year. For the purposes of the calculations provided, we assume the generator creates all 8,760 MWh’s.


1. The generator makes 8,760 MWh’s of electricity per year

2. Current Retail Prices for all hours pricing is between $50 and $55 for the next 5 years. This is the ‘Energy’ portion of the bill

3. The ‘Energy’ portion of the bill is typically only 45% of the total bill, as Distribution and Transmission (DAT) charges make up the majority. The DAT charges are non-negotiable, and are a flow-through charge to the Wires Service Provider in each region. For the purposes of the calculations below, we’ll assume the ‘Energy’ and DAT proportions are 45/55.

4. Natural Gas required to run the engine will be 302 GJ Daily

5. Gas forwards for the next 5 years average $2.44/GJ

6. Oil Company is on tier program where carbon tax is not paid

Monthly Maintenance and Service fees will average $10,000