Infinity Reclamations Decommissioning Alberta Well Sites Oil & Gas Remediation Abandonment Orphan Well Retirement
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Partnering with Alberta Oil & Gas Companies and Government to Provide Oilfield Well Site Remediation

Infinity Reclamations is an Indigenous directed joint venture between Calgary-based DJA Engineering Services and Crusader Joint Ventures. We fulfill oil and gas reclamation projects in conjunction with the Alberta Government’s Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) and offer an unprecedented cost-savings solution for eligible oilfield companies. We’re connected, resourceful, do what we say, and we’re committed to creating truly great outcomes for oil and gas companies, Alberta businesses, local communities, the government, wildlife at risk and the environment. Reach out to us to discuss your well remediation project.

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DJA Engineering Services is an electrical engineering consulting firm providing services to the energy, commercial, transportation and resource industries across Western Canada for over 35 years. Consistently delivering project excellence, committed to meeting or exceeding industry compliance and protecting the health & safety of all involved. DJA is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business which builds relationships with Aboriginal businesses and local communities.

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Crusader Joint Ventures is an oil and gas equipment services company providing solutions for Albertan, Canadian and international companies since 2007. Crusader’s solutions span the full lifecycle of oilfield equipment including: equipment design, fabrication, supply, refurbishments, logistics, well site construction, start-ups & commissioning and redeployment of surplus assets. Crusader is built around collaborative relationships that are interested in creating win-win outcomes.

The Government of Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) – A Cost-Saving Opportunity Available for Eligible Oil & Gas Companies’ Well Site Retirements

Oil and gas companies that are seeking to remediate their oilfield well sites and fit the respective eligibility of the Government of Alberta’s current Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) have a very advantageous option to explore with Infinity Reclamations. Commonly, at least one-half of well site rehabilitation costs (as per predetermined government budget) can be paid for via the AB Government’s SRP and the other-half is covered by the oil and gas company. However, for those who enlist Indigenous oilfield services companies that fit the eligibility of the SRP, those same well site reclamation project costs can be covered up to 100%. Infinity Reclamations is proudly collaborating with the offerings SRP to offer an opportunity that is a win-win-win for all involved.

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Reclamation Project Phases

While every oilfield well site reclamation project is unique and consists of many specific tasks, there are four basics components of fulfilling reclamation for oil and gas companies.


Performing due diligence for the eligibility the oil & gas company and their specific well site to see their respective fit to the Alberta Government’s Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) guidelines and requirements.


Defining the reclamation project scope & budgets and finalizing the project agreements prior to the well sites grant submission to the Alberta Government’s SRP.


Submitting the reclamation project specifics to the SRP administrators for the well sites’ grant review and the project’s conditional approval for funding.


Pending grant approval, initiation of all associated project remediation logistics, assessments and deconstruction activities including: phase 1 & 2 environmental assessments, decommissioning, well abandonments, equipment removal, stream crossing reclamation, and soil & landscape remediation.

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Connect with Infinity

Would you like to chat about your well site’s remediation? Connect with Infinity Reclamations by calling, texting or WhatsApp’ing Kameron Anderson at 403-819-3906 or by sending us a message through the form below.

Infinity Reclamations Decommissioning Alberta Well Sites Oil & Gas Remediation Abandonment Orphan Well Retirement

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