Watch below as I chat about this diamond in the rough, CJV#1875 a 60hp water injection/water disposal surplus pump system package with Lourne Anderson, Technical Director here at Crusader Joint Ventures.

Surplus Spotlight Video Walkthrough: 60HP Sour Water Injection / Water Disposal Pump Package

Watch my conversation with Lourne Anderson on this surplus 60 hp sour pump package by clicking on the video below.

CJV#1878 Surplus Water Injection/Disposal Pump Package Snapshot

Southern Alberta

Braeside Welding


National J-60-MCA

Requires Overhaul

So this pump system isn’t exactly showroom condition, but like many other lower value (<$100k) surplus listings, it’s very easy to “skip to the next listing” online as pictures often don’t tell the whole story and more questions arise instead of answers – even though you may have a general understanding of the overall condition of the package.

During this video, Lourne and I will do a deep dive, walking through a rich 360º Matterport virtual tour of this unit where we discuss the overall condition of this package, down to the nitty-gritty – spare parts and all! Lourne will offer his vast pump subject matter expertise as it relates to what it would take to get this package mobilized and producing revenue for its next owner.

At the end of the video, I will offer some great options for this 60hp sour pump system that includes:

  • Selling as is, where is
  • CrusaderJV refurbishes the pump package
  • Free issue parts for your own refurbishment
  • Consultation with us for pump system application requirements
  • Chat options with us, we’d be happy to discuss

As Lourne mentions in the video, this package has “great bones”. Stay tuned for more information on this under-appreciated 60hp water injection/water disposal pump system. Reach out with us today to discuss the options that are available with this pump package opportunity.

In the meantime, feel free to get a closer look at the package with our high-quality capture by clicking on the 360º tour below or review the pump performance curves for the National 60T pump, which is the same spec as the discontinued National J-60-MCA.

360º Virtual Tour: 60HP Sour Water Injection / Water Disposal Pump Package

Pump Performance (National 60T / J-60-MCA): 60HP Sour Water Injection / Water Disposal Pump Package

Review this National 60 hp pump’s performance spec via available fluid end plunger diameters relative to: gallons per revolution, maximum PSI & kPa, RPM, GPM and m3/d. Contact us to discuss your specific volume/pressure pump system application requirements. Note the below data is for a Nation 60T pump, which is the same spec as the discontinued National J-60-MCA.

Pump Performance Data for National Triplex 60T 60T-3L 60T-3M 60T-3M L M H Fluid Ends plunger gla rev max psi max kPa m3d GPM RPM


All the best,

Kameron Anderson
Owner & President
Crusader Joint Ventures


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