Solar Turbines Titan 250 C85 Axial Compressor Package 30000 HP CJV-U234

Solar Turbines Titan 250 C85 Axial Compressor Package 30000 HP CJV-U234

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Equipment Overview

For sale in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this never used 30,000 HP Solar Turbines Titan 250 Axial compressor package is a rare surplus opportunity and offers excellent economics to the select buyer. Last inspected in the Fall of 2020 by Solar Turbines, their staff verified both the turbine and compressor packages are in good condition, properly protected from the elements in a building within sealed containers, and are adhering to proper preservation guidelines.

Solar Turbines – Titan 250 Compressor Set – Natural Gas Powered Turbine

The Titan 250 is Solar Turbines’ most powerful package and is based on proven technologies from other Solar Turbines models. It produces 50 percent more power in the same footprint as the Titan 130, while providing 40 percent shaft efficiency with emissions reduced by up to 30 percent.

Solar Turbines – C85 Axial Compressor

The Solar C85 gas compressor is designed for applications with the Titan 250 gas turbine. This compressor combines high efficiency and wide flow range with a robust design and ease of restaging.

The solar C85 gas compressor has the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with the experience and reliability that comes with building and installing over 5000 compressors. This compressor is designed in compliance with API 617, a requirement for the severe environments and operating conditions this equipment may encounter.


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Additional Information

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Additional information


New / Never Used


Disconnected. Manufacturer preservation guidelines being followed for proper storage. The last preservation inspection was done in the Fall of 2020.


Solar Turbines 2016


Solar C85 Axial Compressor


2250 psig


Solar Turbines Titan 250 Natural Gas Turbine / Version 30002S CS/MD

Max HP

30,000 HP

Rated RPM

10,500 RPM

Control Panel

Solar Turbotronic CTLM02


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