SOLD! 30HP 600# Triplex Pump Package CJV1828

SOLD! 30HP 600# Triplex Pump Package CJV1828

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Equipment Overview

Fully wired, tested, inspected, and field ready 30HP pump package ready to go.  The skid, and piping were sandblasted and professionally repainted once the UT’s confirmed the internally coated piping was still integrous; and the National 30T pump is in good condition verified by an inspection report.  The rest of the package is ready to go as is (including a full wiring package to JB’s); however if you need some customization for your application, we have preconfigured plans in place to add a charge pump and/or filters which could be completed in only a week or two.  Call us today to see how this can fit your application.

360º Virtual Tour

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Main Pumps, Motors & Assemblies

National 30T-2L Pump:

  • 1.75in Plungers rated for 1482PSI Discharge Pressure:
  • 150m3/day @ 441RPM (88% Max RPM)
  • All other plungers sizes are available.
  • 3 Feed Lubricator w/ Day tank
  • Vibration and Low Oil Level Switch
  • Suction and Discharge Pulsation Stabilizers
  • Mounted on Sub-skid and Attached to Main Skid
  • Pull Bar Skid Design for Winch Truck Loading

Pump Performance


Pump Notes

  • Full Pump Inspection is complete and available for viewing by interested parties.
  • The pump can be taken “As Is” or adjusted by following our recommended requirements. By doing so, we’ll reduce your risk and will provide a 6 OR 12 month warranty at no additional cost based on the adjustments.
  • Pump was in good running order right through to shutdown in late 2018.

Electrical Motor

  • 15HP Electric Motor
  • 480V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
  • 1800RPM
  • 30HP used and NEW motors in stock if required


  • Inlet / Outlet Piping
  • 3” 150# Inlet Piping
  • 2” 600# Discharge Piping:
  • 1 ½” x 2” EZ-IN with Totalizer
  • Piping swedges down to 1” for a flow meter which was removed
  • 1” Drain Header to Sump
  • Internally coated

Building & Skid

  • 12’ x 18’ x 8’ Eave
  • Roll-up Door on End
  • Ridgevent
  • 2 x Single Man Doors
  • 1 x Rollup Door on End Wall
  • 3 x Windows
  • Sump
  • Pull Bar skid for Winch loading/unloading
  • One (1) Ruffneck Heater (Steam):
  • ~$4000 to supply and Install Catadyne or 480V Ruffneck/Hazlok Electric Heater

Wired to JB’s c/w:

  • Interior / Exterior Lights
  • ESD Button
  • HOA for Main Motor
  • 12V Receptacle

Optional Configurations

The size and layout of the package allows easy re-configuration to accommodate charge pump, skim pump, and/or filters.  Sample PID showing charge pump and filters are shown below.  Pricing is available after a marked-up PID is provided.

Charge Pump

Grunfoss CRN 10-4 rated at 50 GPM @ 60 PSI

  • TEFC 3 HP Motor
  • Low NPSH Impeller for < 5’

Filter Vessel

3 – P2 bag internally coated filter vessel

  • Rated at 165 gpm
  • 4” Inlet / Outlet





Additional information


Field Ready &/or Minor Repair




Nisku, AB






Sour (Internally Coated)


3” 150# / 2” 600#


Fully wired to JB’s


Building is 19’6” L x 13’ W w/ 9’ eaves. Skid ships 22’ L x 14’3” W x 12’9” H




  • 💬 Questions? Complete the form or call/text/WhatsApp Kameron Anderson @ 403-819-3906


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